Sleeping beauty!

I have been feeling incurably sleepy this afternoon… so much so that I can’t focus on my computer screen and feel like just laying my head down and snoozing on the desk. I was aghast and literally had to fight the sleep demons away!

I began to wonder – when was the last time I’d felt so drop-dead sleepy? I didn’t have to think back too much – it was just the past weekend – having gotten up at the ungodly hour of 3 AM to be ready for a family function, I and the hubby were nodding off to dream-land the rest of that day. I felt so sleep-deprived that once we got onto the return bus I didn’t even have to wait for the bus to start – I was already asleep!

Thinking back some more, there are a few instances that stand out in memory – when the sleep-gods have overwhelmed my resolve and put me in some awkward/ funny situations.

At work – there have been quite a few afternoons when I’ve gone down the slumber road, but the one that I remember particularly was a couple of years ago – when I had to attend a session taken by a colleague. Arranged for a small group, it was more like a one-to-one session and I was so damn sleepy that I was literally dozing in her face! It was a totally new, boring topic and the level of details that she was getting into simply didn’t help matters. It was an elephantine effort to keep myself awake and even now I shudder to think of what impression she might’ve gotten about me!

At school/ college – thankfully there are no such fiascos I can remember from my study-days, except of course the boring Physics lectures in pre-university – where a bunch of us would keep ourselves occupied and awake, by a stream of furious scribbling of notes. Needless to say, many such pages were indecipherable when viewed with regained senses.

On the roads – my hubby will vouch for me being a boring co-passenger – especially in the car. Though not always and not for short-distance drives; most often than not, I doze off on long journeys or when I’m very tired while returning from a family-do or function.

But my favourite memory of a nap on the roads is from the days when I would commute by bus to office. There used to be just one bus which would ply from my place-of-stay and put me down right at the door-steps of my office. Every morning I would huff and puff and strive to get on to this bus; once in, I would settle into my favourite window seat for a long journey lasting for an hour-and-a-half. The first thirty minutes I’d be alert and bright-eyed, looking out of the window and noticing my fellow passengers; but after a point I would inevitably relax into a light sleep. I say light because miraculously just as the bus would take the turn to come to my stop, I would wake-up and get ready to alight. It would unfailingly be so – except one day when I had nearly missed my stop – luckily an acquaintance and a fellow-office-mate whom I’d befriended on the bus gently nudged me awake 🙂

At home – my sleep memories from home are invariably of the tension-filled exam days. I was more of a night-study person, spending the mornings doing odds & ends, by evening I would be so guilt-ridden that I’d done so less of the chapters; I would stay up late to compensate! The study-hols would rush by spent in this fashion and the day of the exam would dawn, I’d rise early in the morning and do some last minute cramming – which would be punctuated by short power naps. You see, I’d be so drained and tense by then that I would tell my mom – ‘I’m very sleepy and will lie down – however, you have to wake me up in exactly 10 minutes! Don’t let me sleep even a minute beyond that!’ My dear worried mom would wake me amidst gentle admonishing 😀

But the memory that is the crowning glory of all my sleep-misadventures is from my childhood. When I was a little girl and would come home to an empty nest with both my parents at work, I would be so tired after a hard day at school that I’d lock myself in and just crash into the nearest sofa – sometimes without even taking off my shoes and uniform! The fun-part was – I wouldn’t wake even when my dad/ mom returned from work and rang the bell so many times as to bring the house down. I would be lost in my own dream-land oblivious to this entire din – sometimes my beleaguered parents had to resort to slipping a stick through the window grills and poking me in the ribs with it to bring me to senses! But of course, after waking, I would vehemently deny and refuse to accept the fact that they had been trying to wake me for the past half-hour!! Sweet are the joys and memories of childhood! 🙂

How about you – any funny sleep-stories to share?


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