Six-pix tag

Dewdrop has named me to do the six-pix tag. It’s a pretty simple one actually – I have to pick the sixth photo in the sixth folder of my photos folder. I then have to post it here with a small write-up giving details about the photo.

I looked at my photos folder – any which way I looked at it, the sixth photo in the sixth folder was very uninspiring! I couldn’t muster a line around it even if I tried hard 😦

So I decided to pick the sixth photo from the ‘My Pictures’ folder on my comp. This is what it turned out to be –


The Lad Khan temple in Aihole

The Lad Khan temple in Aihole


This was from our I-day trip to the temple towns of North Karnataka. It is a pic of the LadKhan temple in the main Aihole temple complex.


Aihole was the first capital of the early Chalukyas, who are believed to have inherited their architectural styles from their Northern and Southern neighbouring kingdoms. The prominent temple groups identified by historians here are the Kontigudi group and the Galaganatha group. The Kontigudi group is a group of three temples – as is seen in the main museum complex in Aihole.

One of these is the above LadKhan temple – interestingly it is not named after any diety – instead Lad Khan was a mendicant who lived in this temple in the 19th century. It consists of a shrine and two mantapas in front of it. It is built in the Panchayat hall style – one of the various experiments in temple architecture. (Source- Wikipedia)


As for the snap itself, it was taken by me and not the hubby who was otherwise doing most of the photography. The sky was overcast and the temple-top looked majestic and imposing against the darkened clouds – I wanted to capture that effect. It didn’t exactly come out as intended in the fading light – but it wasn’t too bad either. Somehow this picture puts the thought of resilience in my mind – in the face of all adversity and harsh climes this wonderful creation of man has stood the test of time since centuries. Isn’t that awe-inspiring? 🙂 


Well, it was a fun tag to do… and I tag the following people – to mostly wake them up from their self-imposed hibernation! Smitha, Raghu, Anamika, Ferret and Dwija – get to it guys!!

2 thoughts on “Six-pix tag

  1. You did it!! Thanks! That is a very nice pic … and I liked how you associate it with resilience. You could try tweaking the settings of the photo a bit… you might end up with a result that you like!

    My pleasure actually! 🙂
    Yeah, I know I can tweak it with picasa, but somehow the results don’t satisfy me much… once modified it never does look as clear and sharp as the original photo I feel

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