from anu-bhava to anubhAva

Yay!! I decided to move… lock, stock and barrel…here – to a new domain, a new host and a fresh & new-looking blog. But sadly, its still gonna be the same old boring-me doing all the posting! 😛


The Blogger has been good to me… this was where I started out as a fledgling – tottering and fumbling in the dark, without a clue of what this is all about. I slowly learnt the ropes and started trusting this medium enough to jot down my thoughts and feelings on various matters. I don’t claim to have learnt it all…but yes; I have progressed from being a novice.


When I had to choose my url/ handle for blogger, I thought of anubhava – it means experience. I mused that it would aptly depict Anu’s – akin my experiences. And then I realized that bhava – could also be tweaked to be read as ‘bhaava’ or emotion… and I was thrilled – experiences and emotions – wouldn’t that encompass all that I had to say?! 😀 Well that’s how anu-bhava came about.


I love that handle too much to change it now – it is a part of my identity, I feel. That’s why the name remains for this new space, albeit with a little more tweaking – anu-bhava becomes anubhAva!


So folks, please join me here at my new home hereafter and continue to shower me with your bouquets and brickbats alike 🙂

Here’s to new beginnings and hoping to write many more…


2 thoughts on “from anu-bhava to anubhAva

  1. Hey Anu,

    That’s a great template! Really love it! As I read through the posts in the template, it feels more like I am sitting beside you and having a chat! Thats coolr right…

    thank you Dwija! yeah, it’s cool! am glad that you liked the template! 🙂

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