Yogic respite

An avid blogger…
is what I used to be till sometime ago… and now I am but an avid blog-reader only. I see that these days most of my time is taken up by work – at office and at home and all the spare time I get is not enough to even read my favourite blogs on a given day. Definitely not something I ought to feel proud of –I know – there are but 24 hours in a day for every person – nobody can claim to “get” time – it all depends on how much time one chooses to “make” for one’s activities. The only activity in my routine that I am happy about these days is – yoga. Yes, after much deliberation, I have joined a one-month yoga program conducted at the work-place.

Yoga and the Art of Living programme have fascinated me for quite sometime now and I’ve always wanted to try them out. But for various reasons I hadn’t been able to register earlier. This time around it looked like just the right opportunity – the every-day timing for the class suited me, it was at the work-place and I didn’t have to travel far, the duration of one month was just right too. The forces seemed to come together to will me to take this up – especially when you consider that the same programme was first fixed for an earlier inconvenient timing (when I hadn’t registered) and later got rescheduled due to not enough entries being obtained!

It has been an enriching experience so far. The ritual is – we are made to go through a set of strenuous limb loosening exercises, thereby increasing the BMR followed by complete relaxation of all the body muscles in a state of awareness. Well, that’s what we’re supposed to do, it’s another story that I find myself drifting off to slumber-land during these relaxation attempts. That’s the case with most of the others in the class as well and as the instructor says – this is the most difficult aasana/ aspects in yoga – the ability to relax your mind and body with awareness, by controlling your thoughts and without letting them drift away on their own wanderings. This is precisely what differentiates yoga from regular exercise, he says. Well it didn’t take long for us to figure out how difficult it was!! In fact during one of the extended relaxation sessions, one of the guys was heard snoring, obviously in deep sleep!! The rest of us had major problems controlling our laughter and concentrating on the relaxation act!

The challenge of course lies in how well I am able to continue the practice once the classes are done with. The time, space and motivation are factors that will definitely come into play. Well, I hope to at-least make, the practice of some suitable aasanas and the pranayaama techniques, a part of my routine, to be able to reap the long-term benefits of this powerful discipline.


2 thoughts on “Yogic respite

  1. Wow!!! Loved the header!! Help me with my template please? I’d love to have a header I can change at will but I’m quite lost when it comes to such things.

    Hope you do continue your yoga routine post te classes… I’ve been telling myself to get back to yoga too but it hasn’t happened so far.

    I’ve blog-rolled you … will be here more often now (sorry I’ve not been so far!)… do update more!

  2. hey dewdrop,
    thanks a lot! 🙂 I'm a novice when it comes to playing around with my template, I have used a basic template and just keep changing the header pic 😀 You can do that easily by going to the dashboard–>Layout–>Edit Header and choose a suitably sized, cropped pic for the header image.

    I too am skeptical about how I'm gonna continue my yoga routine…but I gotta try!

    thanks a lot for blog-rolling me! 🙂 I visit your page often, though I don't always leave a comment, will do it more regularly now 🙂

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