Of books and babies…

November was supposed to bring some pleasant changes in its wake to the family, but it only kept us waiting on tenterhooks. The days slipped by and it was finally December when the little one chose to come into our lives! The s-i-l was blessed with a baby boy and the bonny beady-eyed fellow has been the cynosure of all eyes ever since. The joy was manifold since it had been many years that the hubby’s household had been witness to the antics of a baby. For me, of course, it was a joy re-visited and am thoroughly enjoying my role as the atte to the lovely little bundle of joy!

Now that the exams are over and done away with, I have taken to books with a vengeance. The one thing that I had missed the most during the course of my study was the luxury to plunge myself into a book without a care of the world and the weight of the impending exams/ studies on my mind. Now, I can break free from shackles and soak myself up in all the delights that a book proffers. I waited for the first opportunity (read – the annual book fair) to get myself a load of books and have been devouring them since. Added to this were some books I had already borrowed from friends.

A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini was what I started with. It is a hard-hitting book with a powerful storyline that evokes tumultuous emotions, the impact of which stays with you for long. Though eighty percent of the book was gripping and fast paced, I had a feeling that there was a sharp fall in pace in the last few pages and I had difficulty in keeping myself focused to complete it. I felt, the author could’ve ended it long before he actually did – it was probably to bring the story to a logical conclusion and leave no ends untied, which in my opinion, was avoidable.
Have been enjoying some vintage Christie stuff now before having a go at the biggie – the complete LOTR collection 😀

Half of December has whizzed by just like the year 2008 has – am really looking forward to the long Christmas weekend break and also toying with the idea of doing a year-long round-up post – something I haven’t done in the past. With increased work-load at home and at office, my non-blogger-mind looks at me askance, but the blogger in me is sending SOS signals that I gotta do something if I have to salvage this space!


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