mid-November notes

The days have been rolling away like they’re in a hurry to reach someplace unknown and very soon it will be the dawn of yet another new year. Has it been eleven months already? Incredible, one is tempted to say.
November has been and will be a significant month for various reasons. The ‘will be’ might be explained in a later post…this one is for the ‘has been’

Unofficially, I am now a MS degree holder from BITS – Pilani. Yes-sir, last week saw me trudging into the desert lands to demonstrate my final dissertation presentation and viva and also saw me emerge triumphant after hearing a – “Yes, you may go now, you are through!” from the concerned examiner. Well, the official certificates will take another half year to find their way along the snail-mail, but this is reason enough to celebrate, don’t you think?
After a long two and a half years I finally completed it and the prevailing feeling is one of immense relief and a sense of the unreal. The knowledge that I no longer have to plan for the project/ study work to be done in the weekends and evenings is slowly starting to sink in.

Well the journey itself was quite eventful beginning with the drive down to Pilani in an almost shockingly dilapidated taxi expertly maneuvered by a driver who had but a stub in place of his right palm. We did reach in one-piece though and after the initial frights from fellow-MS-seekers that the examiners wouldn’t even care to take a look at the spent-sleepless-nights-over presentation, the demo itself went off quite well, what with the assigned faculty being a patient and persevering soul. The ride back to Jaipur was quite rollicking too – we hitched a ride with a fellow Kannada-speaking husband-wife-kid trio from Bangalore. The aforesaid unbelievably-just-5-year-old kid was a riot and most often than not we were alternately amazed and amused by his repertoire of tricks and treats.

Jaipur – the city of vibrant colours is how I will remember it. The header above is testimony to the brilliance of the hues the city has to offer. Though it is famous as the city of the forts and the mahals and being the first planned city in Asia, I was captivated by the rich treasures its bazaar streets had to offer… we didn’t tire of looking at the exquisiteness of the art-work in their fabrics and prints, the famous camel-skin jootis, the hand-made crafts, the blue pottery, the jems and jewels, the quilts and the brilliant embroidery and patch-work on the bed-spreads and cushion-covers…the list just goes on. Needless to say we splurged quite a bit shopping and I am still drooling over their vivacious bandhinis and bandhejs!
The trip was over-all well planned, thanks to the hubby, and went off quite smoothly except for the last minute glitch in terms of the long delay of our return flight from Jaipur.

The other significant event that transpired in November was the giving away of our pet dog Pluto. It was as painful and traumatic as we had anticipated, but had to be done. The poor fellow didn’t have a clue and once he got wind of it, was so cross that he wouldn’t look at us 😦 The husband was heart-broken and every small household incident was seen in the new light of what Pluto would have done and how he would have reacted, for the next few days. Slowly we are getting adjusted to the thought of not having him around, but never a day passes when I and the husband are not reminded of him and his antics – mirrored by our identical rueful expressions and bitter-sweet smiles. The husband is adamant about going and checking (from afar atleast) about how he is faring at the shelter; gotta check how feasible that is.

Well, as I said earlier, it has been an eventful month so far and I hope the coming days and the last month of the year bring along some good cheer to the household and we wrap-up this year on a happy note.


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