Happy Deepavali!

Am really feeling happy with the world today! 🙂
No, nothing pleasantly untoward has happened. In fact, I am at office working while the whole other lot of them are at home enjoying their post-Diwali-heavy-lunch siesta, but that doesn’t seem to dampen my spirits either.
Guess, it is the festive spirit in the air.

There’s a lot of feel-good-factor and the celebratory buzz that I can feel. No, Diwali is not a grand affair at home – the hubby isn’t too keen on Diwali celebrations and no crackers either – just a lot of diyas, new clothes, sweets, good wishes and brightness all around. Somehow I seem to like the simplicity of this festival a whole lot more – no worries about the elaborate poojas to be performed and the accompanying preparations, no frenzied shopping for the hordes of stuff that have become synonymous with festivities. I did some unhurried shopping yesterday – just fruits, veggies, the earthern lamps for the diyas, the candles and the works – peaceful and laid-back on a pleasant chilly winter evening- with the markets already abuzz with the festive cheer.
Made me wish that all festival-eves were as uncluttered as this one! 😀

Today also happens to be the wedding anniversary of my parents. So, daddy and amma, here’s wishing you both a very happy 28th!! May this festival of lights bring in many many more celebrations your way, today and always! 🙂

On that note, wish you all a very happy, prosperous, safe and warm-with-best-wishes Deepavali!
Will leave you with this wish that conveys my thoughts very aptly –

One thought on “Happy Deepavali!

  1. yantadidu “happy deepavali” “diyas” “poojas”?

    sumne kannad-dalli wish mad-barda? you sound like gandhinagar movi director importing a bombay-heroine named diya and ditching the local deepa.

    deepavaliya hardika shubhashayagalu!!! i know it is difficult to read kannada written in english, but hey, keep it kannada!!!

    on other notes, why don’t you write more in kannada? try it 🙂

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