Sisterly love!

Was at home the past weekend. Amidst chatters, was showing off the cooker-burnt-mark memento to sis and mom. They were suitably aghast and were pandering me with – Hows? Wheres? Whys?
Tongue in cheek, I point to the hubby and say – “he branded me with hot iron”. The sis admonishes. I snort in reply – “why? can’t he?”
She coolly retorts – “of course not! I’d believe it if he said you’d done something of the sort, but he couldn’t have done it!”
“Are you supposed to be ‘my’ sister or what?” is what I am left spluttering!

So much for all the sisterly love! Hmpf! 😡


2 thoughts on “Sisterly love!

  1. :))
    I’m always on the look-out for blog-able material, you see!

    Don’t worry, there is a post brewing (in my head) about all the nice and not-so-nice things we’ve done together! 🙂

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