Official five year old

Today morning I greeted my young colleagues – “Good morning children!”
Why? Do you ask?
‘Coz they are mere one-year olds while I completed five grandiose years of my existence in the company, yesterday.

After being reminded of this landmark event by a customary auto-generated email from the people function team, I opened the outlook mailing lists and checked out how many of us batch-mates were still with the company. I realized that it was eleven of us from the crowd of thirty-two which joined on that fateful day, five years ago.

In a spurt of enthusiasm, I decided to pen them a congratulatory note… and also check if we could get together for a cuppa coffee. This in effect is the mail that I sent out…

Congrats guys and gals!
We’re officially 5-year olds in the company today!

When you tell someone that you’ve been with one company for 5 long years you get varied reactions – shock, awe, pity too sometimes! 🙂
We’ve stuck on for varying reasons I’m sure – whether out of choice or resulting from circumstances, it is for each one of us to ponder and realize for self only.

Nevertheless, it is no mean achievement, I think – considering that we were but a bunch of naïve freshers when we came in here!
We’ve all definitely grown professionally and as individuals.
What say you all??

It would be great if we can meet up. I know all of us are busy, but how about sharing our evening cup of coffee together?
Looking forward to your responses

The one person, who I knew would reply, did. Two other people also replied – one saying congrats to the group and another one to me saying “Sorry I will be leaving early can’t make it”.
The rest – chose to do nothing about it.

That got me wondering – why did these people react the way they did?
Were they so caught up with work that they couldn’t reply? Hitting the reply-all button and typing a 2 liner – how long would that take? 5 seconds?
Probably they were indifferent – 5 days or 5 years, how does it matter? The slog-factor isn’t gonna reduce, is it?
Or the thought might have crossed their mind – there she goes again, sending another of her stupid emails… just goes to prove it’s just me who has to work while the rest of them are enjoying their free time!
May be they chose not to read it or deleted it from their mailbox.

Hmm…interesting possibilities.
I’d have loved to be a fly on their mind-walls, when they clicked open that particular tiny envelope in their email list.


6 thoughts on “Official five year old

  1. hey, thanks a lot for your wishes guys! Really nice to see you guys de-lurk and wish me! 🙂

    [sat] – yes, indeed it has been 5 years! incredible isn’t it? and it just seems like last week when we did those sessions and projects! 🙂

    [dwija] – thanks a lot dear, will mail you for sure

    [rohini] – thanks kane… really nice to see you comment in this space 🙂

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