देखिये तो लगता है…
ज़िन्दगी की राहों में, एक भीड़ चलती है
सोचिये तो लगता है…
भीड़ में हैं सब तनहा!

Out of the blue I remembered these lines from the tele-serial ‘Tanha’ that used to be aired many years ago. I remember I used to catch it on the telly on some lazy afternoons. Apart from the ‘hunk’ Milind Soman factor (who unfortuntely was as woodden as the tree trunk) the slow sober narrative had caught my fancy at the time.

Well, this post is not about the serial, it is about what these lines depict. Isn’t it so so beautiful and oh so true?! I had written about this once before – the thought had rung true then and so it does today.

Often I have found myself stranded in a pool of the same feelings brought on by my loved ones. The word which is the usual recourse on such occasions is – ‘biT-haaku‘ – roughly translated as ‘just leave it’. How does one just ‘leave it’? And why should one ‘leave it’? I simply don’t ‘get it’!! 🙂

Many a time the calm and peace of my mind have been disturbed… to the extent that I have questioned the concept of ‘soul-beings’. Do such people exist? Or are soul-mates and soul-sistahs just a whim?
On numerous occasions I find – it is all a farce, one that we have orchestrated and are entertaining ourselves with.

What say you??

2 thoughts on “tanha…

  1. oh man, you are not in the best of your moods for a while, huh? I think you need that Jaipur trip very badly. Hope you come back with soaring spirits.

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