A post about nothing in particular

I want to write… I can feel it in my bones… the strong urge to put down something in black against a white background… strangely the vision of those black characters and then seeing it appear on my blog seems so alluring. But… what is it that I am trying to pin down, I do not know. Is it something that’s happening around me? I stop to wait and listen …

I can hear sounds of keyboard strikes… a Mallu colleague talking loudly on the phone… actually make that several Mallu colleagues talking at various decibels! 🙂 …some distant muted voices of other people talking in the far-away cubicles… the clink of empty coffee cups being collected by the pantry guy… umm…none show promises of turning into likely blog posts… I check with the hubby… he gives some suggestions… not appealing, I don’t know what to write about it – I say petulantly.

I set the wheels of my mind into motion… reflect back to previous days… did I have any interesting conversations with anyone? Hmm… that animated talk I had with the lunch cronies – about Government lady employees now being permitted to take leave up-to 2 years after having a baby, might classify as interesting… but that was too long ago to now recollect and recount the points of contention that we so emphatically tossed about.

Then? What does classify as interesting while being easy to write about? How about the hubby? I could write about how he has been such a dear and the pillar of strength in the past few difficult weeks I’ve had… but then where do I begin? How about writing about the difficulties themselves… considering that I’ve been boring the readers with just rants and some veiled hints? But that would mean I’d be dwelling on it and wallowing in self-pity again, which I don’t want to… I’m trying to look at the brighter side, remember?

There’s the darling sis I could write pages about… and the wonderful hand-painted salwar-suit material that she painstakingly made just for my birthday… but there in lies the problem too… an account about her and our sibling stories could go on and on… considering that I’ve never even made a mention of it anywhere in the three years of my blogging life! No, that was going to be a special post and one that would be written in the free-flowing spirit of spontaneity… one not planned and penned to fill the pages.

How about a look at what I wrote last year… maybe I can re-hash something about “this day, that year”… let’s see what we have… it’s a post about India’s triumph at the T-20 world cup written around the same time last year in Singapore… well, there’s nothing much I can re-hash about that – with the country’s cricket team’s recent showing and the interest (or the lack-of it) that it has generated.

So then, where does it leave me, that little mental exercise? Oh well, looks like I have a decent looking few paragraphs that can be possibly passed off as a post! Guess that should do till the writing-bug hits me again the next time! What say?! 😉


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