Posting on the intranet bulletin board – announcing sharing accomodation available, copied here almost verbatim:

Subject: Hey I want you to join my room 1BHK

Details: I am single living in a 1BHK alone. I would like to add a friend to my universe.
Room: 1BHK(A vast hall, single room, a spacious kitchen, western toilet with geezer)
Location: Shanthi Nagar(Near Richmond Circle, City centre)
Facilities: Fan fittings, TV, cooking utensils, friendly sorroundings, I can cook delicious food, Access at your step to anywhere in B’lore, 2mins walk to shuttle.
Total rent: Rs. 5400+current bill+cable charge.
Per person: Rs. 3000 ( Includes all expenses)

It is “gems” like this which can bring forth a few laughs on the most dull and depressing days.
Thank God for such stress-busters!


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