I was thinking…

and then I was reading blogs… writing that was so light and airy and easy and refreshing… not necessarily about a topic… and then my thoughts turned to my blog… it had been sometime since I’d written a post… I realized – these days I had to remind myself that I hadn’t written… was it becoming an obligation? No! I knew I still enjoyed writing… just that – thoughts and ideas weren’t as free-flowing as before…

oh c’mon! I chided myself…your blog is your own, your space… my mind reminded me… you write if you want to… and don’t if there is no urge… do you imagine that you were a literary genius before and are suddenly having some sort of the “famous” writer’s-block?? Gimme a break!!

I opened up my web-page and randomly clicked on posts – some written a couple of years ago… and I did feel my writing was better then… or rather my thoughts were plentiful and abounding… I didn’t have to wait and look for a topic to pen down my thoughts… simple, mundane everyday happenings provided enough fodder for the blog… so then what changed in the interim?

Was it me or my thoughts? Have I lost my child-like eagerness to put down my ideas about the surroundings or do they not excite me anymore? Or is it that I have become busy – enough to not do what I enjoy doing? Self-explanatory excuses popped up from corners unknown, but none I knew could be convincing. May be it was time I did something about it…

I just wish I knew what that “something” is!!


2 thoughts on “I was thinking…

  1. I don’t know what this ‘something’ is in your case, but for me, it is usually a bunch of somethings.

    1. I genuinely get busy and don’t find time to write. I might have many topics to write about, but no time.

    2. A phase where writing becomes boring. This happens quite often to me. I just don’t want to write. I let this phase pass. It usually does and I am back to my usual grind.

    3. The most important ‘something’ for me is when I stop writing for myself, but write for others. I start thinking about my blog from my readers’ point of view. Should I write about this? Will the readers like this? Should I talk about this book? This is easy to deal with. Once you realize this is the problem, you just have to tell yourself to write for yourself.

    You have to figure out what your ‘something’ is. May be it’s just a phase. Give it some time to pass and you should be fine.

  2. I see that all your “somethings” do infact apply to me as well. Thanks for the tips, they will help me in sorting out my thoughts.

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