Churmuri @ Ballal circle

After that super-damp response to my previous post, my dashed hopes and bruised ego are lamely picking themselves up from the by-lanes of disappointment-land. Meanwhile, I thought it wasn’t fair to deprive this guy of his five minute claim to fame. So, here goes…

The lip-smacking chaat we gleefully gobbled up last weekend, as my loyal friend Shar pointed out, was the churmuri. And this gaaDi is parked at the very famous Ballal circle (the landmark I mentioned in the second photo below) in Mysore and this man here, has been preparing and serving this churmuri and a host of other equally mouth-watering chaats in this very same place, in the same humble cart, for the past 32 years, since 1976! Can you believe that?!!

My hubby, his family and friends have been regulars at this adda ever since his school and college days. Thanks to him, now, I insist on driving to this place for a paper-cone-ful of absolutely delicious churmuri every time we’re in Mysore! 😀 Of course, once we stop, we can’t help but bolt down plates of tomato-chaat and cucumber-masala, wrapping it up with a sweetmeat like haal-khova or kadale-mittayi.

Though churmuri is a snack on offer in many places, nothing tastes as authentic as this one, because in most cases the puri used in different. Generally in most places in Bangalore and otherwise, the puri used is the normal bhel or Bengalooru-puri as it is called. The taste of this churmuri is no-way close to the original, made using the crispy and distinct Mysore-kadale-puri, as my hubby painstakingly pointed out to me the first time I said, “What’s so special about it?”

Umm mm… it is lunch time now and all this food-talk has me drooling and salivating at just the thought of that yummy churmuri! Sigh! My packed lunch-dabba looks so boring and listless in comparison! 😦


2 thoughts on “Churmuri @ Ballal circle

  1. What is Churmuri?? It sounds yum n I want to eat it!!is it something like sev puri in bombay or is it golgappa ( in delhi)/pani puri(in bombay)/pani batasha(in lucknow)

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