tids and bits

The last two days have been momentous for me – in a way. I have succeeded in being reasonably confident while riding my ‘sangaati’. I went on a ride all the way to Gandhi Bazaar with hubby riding pillion (Gosh! What a ride that was! I couldn’t relax even for a moment with all the infamous Bangalore traffic! When it wasn’t the vehicles it would be the pedestrians crossing the roads as and how they please!); I have also been riding it to office the past two days. One really has to give all the credit to hubby dear – for putting up with my tantrums and patiently teaching me the moves and tricks 🙂

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We caught up with “Jaane Tu… ya jaane na” the past weekend. Enough has been said and written about the film and it has been universally liked. Our thoughts were no different – it’s a thoroughly enjoyable movie. After a long time, I was laughing almost throughout a movie – the last if I remember was Andaaz Apna Apna. And it wasn’t silly comedy; it was subtle and crisp humour – that was brought alive in every scene by the wonderfully casted characters. For once, all the supporting actors was superbly selected and truly contributed and enriched the scenes and were not there merely as a prop. Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah as Jai’s parents are rocking and I fell in love with Aditi’s parents too, played by Jayant Kriplani and Anuradha Patel. Amit (Aditi’s bro) and Meghna (Jai’s girlfriend) had so many well-thought layers to their characterization. I wasn’t too impressed with Aditi however and was positively irritated by Genelia’s acting in the beginning, but slowly she got better. Jai – the guy whose launch vehicle this is supposed to be – and more importantly Aamir Khan’s nephew – what do I have to say about him? He was endearing as Jai – totally believable, unpretentious and easing into the role with poise. But his looks and expressions reminded one so much of Aamir! I guess it just runs in the family!
The songs “Kabhi kabhi Aditi…” and “Pappu can’t dance saala…” are catchy and will have you happily humming along. Go watch the movie for some young, unadulterated, genuine fun and laughs.

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Speaking of the downside – have you been in situations where, no matter what you do and how much you try your best, it simply is said to be not enough? I suppose all of us have been there and seen that. It’s been my turn on the past couple of occasions and it is so damn de-motivating. It makes me want to scream out in plain fury at such people and ask them – “will you ever care to accept and agree that what I’ve done is good enough?!” But all I can do is move on, by swallowing it as another of the bitter pills that life hands us, every now and then 😦


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