Favourite fictional characters

There’s this tag that’s been doing the rounds on the blogosphere. Since none of these bloggers read my blog to tag me and none of my bloggie-pals seem to be inclined to post (forget tagging!), I simply decided to flick this tag for myself ‘coz I found it interesting.

Well, the tag, after multiple modifications and adaptations, now goes like this – “List your ten favourite characters from literature”.
I’ll go a step forward and change it some more – I shall bunch my favourite characters from the same book / author, because more than once I see that I cannot confine my likings to a single character from the book / the author’s stable.

So, here goes – in no particular order –

1. Elizabeth Bennet/ Mr. Darcy – The strong-willed and sensible Lizzy who has the right balance of everything – charming and quick-witted, with a mind of her own but not head-strong, she values her family and friends more than any fortune – is a loving daughter and a devoted sister. Darcy – the handsome enigmatic hero whose generous, upright nature is shrouded in a cloak of pride and arrogance – a perfect foil for Elizabeth. Their chemistry is crackling! 😀

2. Calvin and Hobbes – the quintessential favourites. How can I even think of one without the other? This is the perfect recipe to have a great beginning to the day. While Calvin and Hobbes are simply adorable being themselves, what I like the most is the varied humor brought to the fore through their childish philosophical views about the most fundamental issues.

3. Anne Shirley – the bright and quick child of imagination from the Avolea series. I enjoyed reading these books with their simple plots – that took us through the life of Anne in picturesque countryside settings of Prince Edward Island, Canada – describing her various adventures, scrapes and enjoyments.

4. Jo March – the tomboyish second daughter of the March family from Little Women. The journey that traces the transformation of a bold and brazen Jo into a gentler, sensible woman is simply fascinating.

5. Atticus Finch – an upright lawyer, a wonderful father and a perfect gentleman. Harper Lee brings alive this character so well that you can’t help but respect and love him.

6. Scarlett O’ Hara/ Rhett Butler – the main protagonists of GWTW – two such strong characters that their encounters are electric. There are instances where you just love to hate them, but do what may, you simply cannot ignore them!

7. Bertie Wooster/ Jeeves/ Uncle Galahad/ Lord Emsworth – every character in a PGW book is a delight but these four are absolute riots! I love the unusual but perfect combo of the bungling Bertie and his ever resourceful personal gentleman, Jeeves. Another favourite combo from PGW is the energetic and always young at heart Gally – the champion of youth and romance and his harried elder brother – the benevolent but absent minded Lord Emsworth who has a penchant for pigs and absolutely dotes on his Empress of Blandings. Their histrionics had me laughing with stitches in my sides.

8. Miss Marple/ Hercule Poirot – the two most famous detectives from the world of fiction, surely. The two of them and their methods as different as chalk and cheese, but riveting nevertheless. The frail old spinster Miss Marple, who is often dismissed as confused and fluffy, is remarkably sharp when it comes to solving mysteries – she solves passionate crimes sitting in her old rocking chair in her English village, as she draws parallels and believes that no matter where people live, the human nature – especially the negative side, doesn’t change much. Hercule Poirot – the most famous of Christie’s creations is the eccentric small Belgian detective with a characteristically funny egg-shaped head and stiff military moustache with upturned tips. Though Christie creates the image of a funny little man, when it comes to solving crimes, Poirot’s acumen and brilliance is seldom matched.

9. Sherlock Holmes/ Dr. Watson – another world famous fictional detective-duo. The Bohemian disorganized ways of the brilliant detective Holmes, are well complimented by his practical, meticulous and soft-hearted doctor friend Watson. I loved the narrative style with Watson as the chronicler and the humor brought out when Watson fancied himself to do a bit of the detecting 🙂

10. Harry Potter/ Hermione Granger/ Ron Weasley – the awesome threesome from the most celebrated and famous fantasy series in recent history – JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I love the way Rowling has etched these two supporting characters of Hermoine and Ron – without them Harry would be crippled. It’s a truly uncharacteristic premise on which their friendship weathers all storms to bring an end to the evils of Lord Voldemort.

Well, that was my list and I enjoyed making it. I wouldn’t tag anyone, but I will surely be interested in knowing who are – Anamika, Shreyas, Smitha and Raghu’s favourite fictional characters. So guys, pick up this tag if you have the time and are interested in doing it!


4 thoughts on “Favourite fictional characters

  1. Landed here bloghopping, any talk of books and their characters is bound to have me hooked…. I’m with you on Anne Shirley, Atticus Finch and Jo March 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Am kinda inspired to read a PGW book after reading ur list:)..Like all the other characters in ur list..n oh! got tagged:D

  3. hey, don’t tell me you haven’t read a PGW book?!! Go right this moment and pick one. It’s absolutely brilliant and the humour is classic, only PGW can bring it off! 🙂

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