Musical muse

My glance fell on the name “Dinakar” in the official birthday list. The next moment,
Dinakarakula Bhushanuni Deenudavai Bhajanajesi
Dinamu Gadupumanina Neevu Vina Vadela! Gunavihina
started flowing from my lips without any intervention from my mind or thoughts!

I surprised myself by singing from memory in good shruti and the exact annotations as I had learnt years ago, albeit in a muted voice. Trying to recollect the pallavi of this keertanam – I automatically continued with “Manasa Etulortune…” after the anupallavi sangatis.

I wanted to be sure and just for a lark thought I’ll randomly type in the anupallavi lines and check what google throws up. And what do I find? the very first link was to this – complete with the lyrics, swarams and to top it all – the meaning behind these mesmerising words beautifully composed by Shri Thyagaraja.

Hail google! And thanks to Shivkumar for this musical treasure trove! šŸ˜€


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