Lost and found

As I’ve said once before – when things start to go wrong, it’s a downhill ride all the way. While the mood hasn’t been all happy and sunny the past few days, I go and lose my mobile again – well, nearly! I guess I have a penchant for losing stuff in the most bizarre fashion and then finding them too (well…sometimes at least – it’s like a 50-50 chance!) in more ingenuous ways! Though a pretty careful and not-so-absent-minded individual on most occasions, sometimes, thanks to some small foolish deeds of mine (which in hindsight sound so un-called-for!) I get into these scrapes that drive me up the wall.

Cases in point – losing the baggage in Bombay on my first trip out with friends and obviously, not finding it (it’s Bombay, remember?!); nearly losing my purse at a mall in Singapore and finding it only by a strange stroke of luck; losing my rock-solid paper-weight-kinda old-fashioned long-time companion Nokia in the most bizarre fashion en-route to Malaysia and… now this – losing my new ultra-slim Nokia and finding it after it was nearly crushed under the tyres of our very own car! Tell me if you can beat that! And know what’s more astounding – the phone still worked – notwithstanding the LCD screen being all cracked up, the hearing functions worked fine! Phew!

And for two days I was left handicapped, wallowing in the sorrow of being robbed of all my contacts which I, apparently in a fit of some God-knows-what-thought, had copied into the phone at some point in time! Makes one realize how much we are actually dependent and tied to these electronic modes for all our communication! Finally, with a new replaced LCD screen, the phone is functional – though the clarity and resolution is not the same as before, at least it wasn’t stolen or broken to bits, which could very well have been the case! Thank God for small mercies!


3 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. ayyayyo, the name bombay has been changed to mumbai and long back! even the so called ‘sandra from bandra’ now say it as moom-bai. nimgenu tondrey?

    i guess dabur chayavanpraash was good for maregulitana…at least that is what i heard some 2 decades back.

  2. [w_u] – ayyo, Bombay slips out even before I can say Mumbai, what to do?? 😀
    [darshan] – he he! it was the phone which was light-weight, also it helped that it had fallen in a bed of soft mud 🙂

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