1947 – a love story!

Greeted by a darban clad in a simple khadi kurta, we entered along the pathway skirted by bamboo railings on one side and a tall painting capturing the proud moment of Independence with the unfurling of the Indian flag by Pandit Nehru. And that set just the right tempo for our dinner visit to the new restaurant on ring road in Banashankari – “1947 – traditional Indian cuisine”. Owned by the Insignia group, this is the latest theme-based restaurant in town – the best part being, it offers completely vegetarian fare. Finally – one should say!

As we made our way inside, the settings and the artifacts decorating the innards beautifully enhanced the theme – the huge authentic door made of stolid wooden planks holed and worn with time, complete with a heavy iron chain for the clasping and locking mechanisms; a small cannon tank at the entry; a Gandhi-esq charaka adorning the central wall; the staff dressed in elegant kurtas; the chairs all made from coir and jute; the muted lights shaped like lanterns; the mats doubling up as the curtains; the menu as a simple paper booklet in B&W; the frames with trivia about the events dotting the independence struggle resting on the tables and hanging on the walls; the soothing instrumental melodies of Kishore in the background; the bill handed out in hand-made decorated coir boxes – every small detail accentuated the theme and perfectly set the ambience for the place.

The setting of the tables themselves is tastefully done, with there being the right air of comfort and casualness to the place. The staff is always at hand, quite adequate to handle the crowds if the tables are full, I reckon. They answered all our questions about the dishes/ ingredients with deference without a trace of any disinterest/ condescendence.
The menu was interesting with a sprinkling of some uncommon dishes. We ordered a “roti ki tokri” – which is an assortment of 5 types of rotis of the Chef’s choice (it will be a definite plus if this can be the customer’s choice) with “Methi malai mutter” and “Sabzi Pancharatna”. While the former would’ve tasted much better with a little less elaichi , the latter was an excellent accompaniment for the rotis, with just the right blend of spice and masala . The “amba panna” that I tried was a unique tangy drink made from raw mangoes and pudina – just perfect for the summer! The soup and salad were well appreciated too. The only discontent we felt was with the ice-creams, which for some reason arrived all melted and floating (I suppose they had a problem with their freezer!); but to be fair, the manager took a personal interest and ensured that it was soon replaced.

All in all, it was an eating experience that left us feeling happy and contented, after a long time. The bill was not too heavy on the pocket as well; while the rates are a bit higher than your regular north Indian fare available at other hotels, it is not too expensive – it was a price well paid for the great food, lovely ambience and superb service rendered, is what we felt.

The contact details for the restaurant are as follows:
Tel nos.:
Mr.Rajesh – 9964804090 (probably the manager for the place)
Their website – www.insigniagroup.in – is under construction! 🙂

Landmarks – it is located on the ring road, above Bella Casa (kitchen and sanitary-ware shop) – at a drive of about 5 mins from the DeveGowda petrol bunk, on the left-hand side, going towards Mysore road.

The good news, as told to us by the manager, is – there are more outlets opening soon in the city – in areas like Jayanagar and Koramangala, from the same Insignia group, with probably different themes. I think that is something really worth looking forward to!


2 thoughts on “1947 – a love story!

  1. that is some nicely written blog that made me hungweeee!! not exactly the place i should take roothie to, but nonetheless, something different. kishore’s music does not add up for circa 1947 and neither does a corncuopia of paneer stuff (believe me…my late grandpa used to tell me that diary products were a rarity…and they used to have hoarding and pillaging of grains, often)…all veggie food is yummy!

    bengaluru does have had its share of eateries!

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