Life… and some more…

I’ve been meaning to write and then, I’ve been meaning to write some more…

Time has been just rushing by, oscillating between being eventful and monotonous.
The days seem long and the weeks even longer, and the weekends in comparison disappear within the blink of an eye! Loads of stuff intended and wished to be done – when, where, how – is what I am left wondering.

The interaction with the friends’ circle is at its lowest ebb I note – reminded of which I decided to ring up all the girls from our college gang, on an impulse, this past weekend. I dialed 8 numbers – of which 2 were unreachable, 1 switched off, 2 invalid, 1 received by some stranger, 1 unanswered and the final one answered by the friend, with the promise to call back. I was shocked – will be an understatement. It showed how woefully out of touch we had been and it filled me with deep sadness 😦
Well I have remedied that to some extent by getting the latest numbers in replacement for the invalid ones in my phone book; so that the next time I have this spurt of ‘josh‘ I can atleast be armed with the right information!
That apart, I now have a new ‘sangaati‘ in my life – whom I shall go shopping with, to the movies, to the market and just about anywhere, who will be at my side at all times and will keep me happy always. That’s what the ad will have you believe – about my new “Hero Honda Pleasure“. As for the promises of it turning out into a ‘sangaati‘ lets see how it goes!

Life does throw some pleasant surprises one’s way – after nearly two months of toil and almost single handed struggle having to co-ordinate and appease our own IS/ IT guys and the clients, we finally had the VPN link up and working. Thanks to that, my two colleagues were delighted to come back from pardes to family and friends in Bangalore and some more work in the pipeline could get underway. All said and done everyone involved was relieved and they showed it by bestowing me with a “Shining Star” – a simple note of recognition and praise for a colleague’s efforts – devoid of all the jazz and finery associated with spot awards and cash rewards. Their gratitude shone in their eyes and I hope, so did mine.

I shocking-ly realised that life can also throw some ruthless suprises one’s way – when I was told that the pretty girl in the near-by cubicle, whose clear fair skin and bouncy beautiful hair I admired everyday, didn’t have her left hand 😦 I was so shocked that I could only stutter in response. Was that why she wore her dupatta pinned and flowing always? – was the stupid comment I could muster. She seemed so normal, going about her chores like one of us, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how difficult every small task must’ve been for her. It was almost too cruel to be true, but there it was – a simple lesson that life chooses to teach us once in a while.
It’s never too late to count one’s blessings!


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