Rainy memories

A wet wet morning – chill in the air and rain drops pitter-pattering from the leaves outside the bedroom window; nearly half the Bangalore-folks cozily snuggled into their blankets. Sigh! Chores to be done, getting ready for work amidst discussions about the weather continuing to be wet and cloudy for the weekend; frustrated musings about the need to work when the family and almost all other friends enjoy a long weekend. The cab cruises through deserted streets – greener, fresher sights from the window – just about the right setting for scenes from previous rainy memories to come floating by…

Earliest memory – sitting squeezed between mom and dad on the pillion seat of “hamara bajaj” scooter – shivering and teeth chattering while dad does his best to get us home safe and quick, braving the sudden showers on an evening out.

Childhood memory – tears streaming down the face and fear in the little heart, of being washed away by flash floods – stranded on the road to Mekhri circle – crowded into a broken-down auto while it pours cats and dogs outside – on the way back from a trip to visit relatives outside Bangalore

Happy memories – heavy rain on the late afternoon of a school holiday – opening the door to see sheets of hailstones being hurled – locking doors and rushing upstairs with li’l sis in tow – playing with cousins – gleefully trying to catch the “ice” and see it tickling-ly melt in the palms 🙂

Amaz-ing memory – a usually reticent me, jumping and prancing around in the afternoon showers on the terrace – caught in an unusually happy care-free mood! 🙂

Scary memory – a day when it poured relentlessly in the city, the umbrella being a mere toy in the hands of nature! A wet bus ride from office and a long apprehensive wait at Majestic for that elusive bus to take me home, completely drenched and wading through knee-deep gushing waters – reaching home at a late hour – looking like an absolute fright, with a silent prayer on my lips!

Romantic memory – umm… this is the toughest!
getting back from work riding pillion with the hubby – hopelessly failing in our attempt to avoid getting wet – our jerkins being no match to nature’s fury – holding on tight while tickling rain drops excruciatingly trickle down backs and limbs!
That’s the only one that comes to mind! 😀

What’s your list?
A day such as this is just perfect to go down a wet memory lane 🙂


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