love in the air and err…ears too

Well it’s that time of the year when love pervades every nook and corner and every sneeze and cough… well, almost…for the past week, all that the RJs can seem to talk about it is V-day and of course anything and everything that they can think of is spoken of in relation to love. You can’t really blame them when love is in the air and the world is caught up in it!

The radio stations were however bringing along some wonderful songs in this pretext and it was music in its purest form for my ears. On V-day I was tuned into the radio on my mobile and was switching channels to catch the best songs on air.
That’s how I had the inspiration to pen this post – about some all time favourite love songs…

Amongst the relatively newer set of songs…

# anisutide yaako indu… – this one gives me goose-bumps every single time I listen to it – just a wisp of its prelude/ interlude music is enough to get me started (the goose-bumps, that is :D). It is undoubtedly the song of the year, be it the lyrics or the notes or the velvety voice of Sonu Nigam – this one from the block-buster “mungaaru maLe” wins hands down, without any competition
# ninnindale… – this is another lovely peppy romantic number from “Milana”… as always, Sonu’s singing is flawless – listen carefully to the words, he gets the emotions and the feeling absolutely perfect
# ee sanje yaakagide – this one from “geLeya” is a beauty, I caught the video on you-tube and was bowled over – simply brilliant – the picturization is revolutionary if I can say that and the song is mellifluous – any guesses about the singer? 😀
# ullasada hoo maLe – this one from “cheluvina chittara” is one of the recent favourites – sung beautifully by Shreya Ghoshal it effortlessly and perfectly conveys the feelings of a dreamy-eyed young girl in love. Shreya is definitely the new-found female voice in Kannada cinema

# baavra man dekhne chala ek sapna… – this song from “Hazaron khwahishein aisi” leaves me speechless – the words make so much sense that it feels rather uncanny – in my view this is the song which gets closest to the description of love and its madness
# jiya dhadak dhadak – from “Kalyug” sung by Raahat Fateh Ali Khan it is beautifully rendered with his Sufi-esque touch – it captures the ethos and passion of the guy’s love for his lady love
# bol na halke halke – its Raahat Fateh Ali Khan again with Mahalaxmi Iyer in “Jhoom barabar Jhoom” – I simply love the use of instruments for the beats and the background score in this, apart from the soulful and soothing nature of the song
# main yahan hoon – this one from “Veer Zaara”, though not exactly brand new, is a favourite from the recent years. This is one song where I love Udit Narayan’s singing; the antaras especially, deserve a special mention – both the lyrics and the singing
# do pal ruka khwabon ka caravan – again from “Veer Zaara” – love the tone of pleasant disbelief and wonderment used in the lyrics of the antaras and of course flawless singing from Sonu and Lataji
# saawariya saawariya – this one from “Swades” has Alka at her best as she effortlessly becomes a girl singing with the joy of wondrous realization of love which has stealthily and soundlessly crept upon her
# jab se tere naina – the famous “towel” song from “Saawariya” – is one of the recent hot favourites – has Shaan at his best – he playfully and soulfully renders the feelings of a young boy in the throes of his first love
# Aankhon me teri – it’s KK in OSO – the love song of ’07 with the 70’s touch – it is slow, ethereal and perfectly romantic
# Main agar kahoon – again from OSO – this has almost gone un-noticed in the slew of popular numbers from the movie – but is a gem, by Sonu again – a young ardent lover expressing his as-yet unsaid love to the girl of his dreams

Among the ever-green golden oldies the ones that come to mind are…

# naguva nayana – an absolute favourite… from “Pallavi Anupallavi” – the seemingly disconnected words transform into beautiful poetry – simple but carrying so much depth in its meaning
# tunturu alli neera haaDu – a melodious slow number from the bevy of lovely songs in “Amrutavarshini” – again simple words that convey the deep love between the couple
# nee amritadhaare – another very melodious song from “Amritadhaare” – Mano Murthy is undoubtedly the uncrowned king of romance in the Kannada music industry at the moment
# jOteyali… – the ever-green love song of Kannada cinema… need I say more?
# nooru janmaku – another wonderful contribution from the Mano Murthy – Nagathihalli Chandrashekar camp, started off an era of melodious Kannada music

# abhi na jao chod kar – the perfect example of Md. Rafi’s velvety voice laced with romance and playfulness; the sing-song nature of the words that convey the hero’s feeling of yearning and the heroine’s naughty retorts is simply amazing!
# tere bina zindagi se koi sikhwa – this one from Aandhi has passionate love wrapped in the folds of seemingly innocuous words
# dil kya karein – the song that had the nation crazy and swinging – the epitome of romance – one among the lovely numbers from the Rajesh Roshan stable
# O saathi re – the notes of Amitabh singing about his deep rooted love for his childhood sweetheart never fails to touch my heart – an all time Kishore favourite
# Pal pal dil ke paas – it’s Kishore and more of him – oh so romantic!
# mere mehboob qayamat hogi – the intensity and the passion in this love-lorn Kishore song sets it apart from the usual genre of love songs
# tum bin jaoon kahan – Kishore again – they say Md Rafi was better suited for the romantic numbers – I beg to differ – Kishore is no less – the sheer variety and depth in the range of love songs he’s sung is proof enough
# O mere dil ke chain – another all time favourite of Kishore’s soulful renditions
# chookar mere man ko – Kishore sings in a melodious and poignant mood for Amitabh in “Yaarana”… time simply seems to stand still!
# Tumse milke – this song is special for its simplicity and the amazing uncharacteristic voice quality of Suresh Wadkar
# jab koi baat bigad jaaye – an evergreen love song – perfectly expresses what love means for the couple and so much more
# kuch na kaho – the pick of the wonderful collection from “1942 – A Love Story” – as the song goes – kuch kehne ki zaroorat hi nahin hai – you just wanna close your eyes and keep listening to it
# tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam – the initial guitar/ banjo strains again never fail to give me goose-bumps – and of course the perfect jodi of SRK-Kajol in “DDLJ” – 90’s romance personified

Phew! That was an exhaustive list and left me quite exhausted… I lost no time in getting some refreshments in the form of more love songs! 😀

Update: The latest addition to this list is from the movie gaaLipaTa – “minchaagi neenu baralu…” by Sonu Nigam. Absolutely lovely lyrics and a lilting melody – take a look here


5 thoughts on “love in the air and err…ears too

  1. Nice post.. and wonderful list of songs. I guess one post wouldnt suffice the loooong list of love songs we have in Hindi and Kannada..

    I was expecting few more in your list 🙂
    Pehla Nasha (QSQT)
    Pehla Pehla Pyar hai (HAHK)
    Suraj Hua Maddham (KKKG)

  2. that was such a boring blog…made me zzz..and the hindeeee written in englishu made me struggle to read it…

    you know what…this reminded me of someting…you go to a udpi hotellu and ask the mani what is there to eat (tinn likke yen untu marayre — to be exact) and he starts idli vada bonda dosa rava mysore kesri bath chow chow pani puri kashaya etc etc….probably he is fed up of his job and he loves the ‘kivichida mukha’ of his customers when he does not stop uttering the menu…

    you are supposed to mention 3-4 songs and stop at it..the really interested ones always know there are jewels to be found on you-tube.

    err, thought i should tell you this.


  3. [Arun] – thanks… yeah I know, the list is very long indeed… I did think of the ones u mention and many more…but then I had to stop somewhere! 🙂

    [w_u] – I agree with you on the count that it sounds like a Udupi-hotel-menu-read-out-by-the-mani… but disagree when you say I that I had to stop at 3-4 songs. That would’ve been quite unfair – as Arun rightly says the list of the good love songs we have is just too long!
    But may be, as you say, the post is quite pointless! 🙂

  4. Hey Anu.. gud post.. i beg to differ on ur post being boring!! It kept me updated on the new kannada songs.. (had stopped listening thinking many of them crappy) shall listen to those for sure!!

  5. hey Shar, thanks… yup of late there are quite a few Kannada songs which are very melodious and really worth listening to… thanks mainly to Mano Murthy 🙂

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