Men from Mars and Women from Venus?

Trrrring…Trrrrring” goes his mobile again…it’s a missed call. He sees, frowns and gets back to work.
5 mins later – “ding dong ding dong…” it’s the office extension now…
Now, if he’s really busy, he ignores that as well…if he happens to be in the mood to talk, he calls back and speaks for a couple of minutes.

And when I ask him how his better half is coping with his absence he says – “She is not happy, everyday she asks me to get back. She always wants to keep talking over the phone/ mails. I don’t know why it is like that with her?! I don’t feel like that, I am fine here. May be it’s because we’ve been married for only 3 months… is that the case? Is it like that in the early months after marriage? Or is it the case with all girls??!” he asks me!!
I force my dumbfounded tongue to speak and find my voice saying – “I think that is the case with anybody who is fondly attached to and misses being with their loved one

Well, that was the conversation I and my colleague had a couple of days back, while we were away from home for work. I completely identify with his wife; though not to that extent, I still cannot imagine a day where I haven’t spoken to my hubby a couple of times. Thankfully he doesn’t “wonder” about it!

But I have noticed this is the case with many guys married/ in a relationship. They don’t feel the same sense of longing to be connected and communicating, as the girl in question does. What could be the reason for this? Is it because they can get so involved with their work that they can afford to set aside these feelings for a longer stretch of time? Or is it because girls have a higher sense of insecurity? Or is it something that is inherently different in the way guys and girls feel?

Is this another point in favour of the argument that my post-title refers to? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Men from Mars and Women from Venus?

  1. I went through the same thing during my courtship days. Since it was courtship, the so called attachment or longing was obviously more. I always wanted to call up and talk to my husband but I never felt the same eager from his side. I used to feel really bad that he wasn’t as attached to me as I was to him.

    Only later, long after we have been married, he kind of explained this mystery to me. It’s not that he didn’t want to talk to me or anything, but he always kept his feelings and thoughts separate. As in, his heart is longing to call but his mind tells him this is not the right time because you have other things to take care of.

    We women tend to put the heart before the mind whereas men do the other way around. It no way means they are any less attached to us, it’s just that the way they express it is different from us.

    And you are right, men and women are from different planets. This is just one example.

  2. “I always wanted to call up and talk to my husband but I never felt the same eager from his side.”

    That should have been ‘eagerness’!

  3. hey, now that you mention it, I too feel that it could be because we women tend to think from the heart on most occasions! that does explain the difference in behaviour 🙂

  4. oh come on!!! you gurls act as if your feelings sprout out of the bottom of the hearts and our hearts are barren bhoomi!

    we, da men, do want to call up and talk with our lady loves too. but here are a few things that make us not that interested:
    1. we do think about you most times, but we think about a good lunch too…and we have these thoughts after 11.30 in mornings when we start feeling hungry…
    2. our hearts stop when we see jessica alba smiling on television…for some minutes we do think why you are all not like her
    3. men are suppoed to act tough and rough, even though we can not tie up our show laces. we are sorry, this is how we need be
    4. we really do not love to talk a lot. there is nothing in it.
    5. we love to play ‘hide and seek’ game too.

  5. [arun] – oh c’mon! wy do you have to wonder to voice your thoughts? 😀
    [w_u] – one can always expect a hilarious take on the issue from you! But, what was that about hide and seek?!

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