My world this week

This was what I wrote last Saturday evening… 5th January 2008, 6 PM IST

This is been by far one of the most adventurous days of my life. Coming from someone who is rather skeptical about taking any kind of risk, that is quite a statement!

It all started yesterday night actually. The past week had swooshed by at a frenetic pace – rushing around to get ready for the weekend trip to London, relentless run to collect all the insurance and other receipts to submit the investment proofs before I left, I was left so tired that tiredness had started to seep into my bones, I felt!

Just when I thought that all was done and there was just the night to sleep away before I catch the morning flight to Mumbai, I got a call from a colleague saying that the 8.35 AM Indian Airlines flight had been cancelled and combined with the 11.25 AM flight. My thoughts ran ahead of me as I calculated the time that would leave us to take the connecting flight to London and my pulse rate quickened.

After numerous calls to IA and AI offices and haggling with rude customer service representatives who offered ridiculous alternatives like taking the 4AM flight to Mumbai, we were advised to be at the airport at the regular time and consult the travel-desk associate who would help us in getting seats on an alternative flight. My already weary brain and body hardly slept before it was time again to reach the airport. Thanks to an early arrival and numerous rounds of talks with the duty manager and the travel consultant, we finally found ourselves aboard the 8.55 AM Jet airways flight to Mumbai.

Even as we heaved mild sighs of reliefs and caught the internal transit connecting us from the Chhatrapati Shivaji domestic airport and arrived at the international airport in Mumbai, we were greeted by TV screens that flashed “AI 131 – London – 8 AM – tomorrow”. Our smiles of ridicule died an early death when we heard from a worried parent that their son too had to be on the flight which now stood delayed by 24 hours. Rushing inside and checking the counter only confirmed this incredible piece of news. Amid reigning chaos in the duty manager’s office with scores of foreign tourists venting their ire at the irresponsibility of the airlines, we had to accept the bald truth that the flight would indeed be delayed by a day and all of us would be accommodated in hotel rooms for the night.

That’s how I find myself here, in this hotel room, typing down the day’s misadventures. But we’re not yet done for the day, are we? Sitting snugly in my purse are 3 tickets for the 10 PM show of “Taare Zameen Par”, at the Cineplex across the street – the catch being that the 3 disconnected seats were the only ones left in an otherwise house-full show, and I, with my one Gult and another Mallu collegues, would be watching the Hindi movie in Gandhi class ishtyle, staring up at the screen from the front rows 😀

Well, this doesn’t seem much of an issue considering all that we’ve seen in the day already. The movie I’m hoping will make up for all the trials, while we can only pray and hope that we’ve used-up all the (mis)adventures’ quota for atleast some time into the future!

and here I am, exactly a week later, finally triumphant at being alive and kicking online, on this brrrrring-ly cold London evening, typing to get this saga of mis-adventures finally see the light of day! 😀

p.s: If you haven’t yet watched TZP, go see it now! An absolutely beautiful movie – a must watch for every parent and every child.


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