Om Shanti Om – a review

With the hubby busy at work the entire day all that remained for my share was the evenings; on one such occasion we decided to check out OSO at a late night show in Mumbai. Though I used to be a SRK fan once upon a time, I can safely say that I have outgrown that phase. We’d heard mixed views about OSO, some people had dismissed it as mere crap, while others had said that it’s a good time-pass movie. Some said that only the first half was good, the second half an absolute drag and so on…
I went in with my expectations low and at the end of it we felt – well, it wasn’t a bad movie after all!

The first half was fun – it is a total spoof on the movies-era of the 70s. Gags have been pulled off on almost every famous actor/ actress of the time – be it on Kaka or the controversial one about Manoj Kumar, or the one about the young Sooraj Barjatya picking up lines for his ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ dialogues; it’s hilarious! I found SRK’s antics a little too over-the-top in the first half. The 70’s scenes and sets revisited were good but not completely believable. SRK was much more in his elements in the second half of the movie, his crazy eccentricities much more credible in familiar settings.

Speaking of the cast, Arjum Rampal does a convincing act as the mean producer. Shreyas Talpade as the Pappu master, ShahRukh’s crony is good, but one gets a feeling that he is wasted. Kiron Kher gets on your nerves with her bombastic loud acting, she’s such a fine actress if only she can give a restrained performance! And of course the lovely lady, Deepika Padukone. She’s gorgeous – one simply laps up the frames she fills (the hubby’s spontaneous exclamation of ‘aaila!’ in her introductory scene should give you a fair idea! :)) – pure, unaldulterated beauty unveiled and she carries off her role pretty well too. I found a striking resemblance to Ash in many places – not just her looks but also her acting – like in the scenes where she’s popping the bubble gum – reminded me instantly of Ash in Josh; I hope it’s temporary and she grows out of it soon! Dancing is one area where she needs to work on a bit, once she masters that, she’ll give the reigning heroines a run for their money. Like Ranbir in Saawariya, she definitely is the find of the season, to join the Bollywood bandwagon. And the fact that she is our own BengaLooru huDugi and Prakash Padukone’s daughter at that, fills one with just a touch of pride! 🙂

The music of OSO is also pretty catchy. The KK number ‘Ankhon mei teri’ and Sonu’s ‘Main agar kahoon’ are definitely sweet on the ears; while the must publicised ‘Deewangi – Om Shanti Om’ is sure-shot eye-candy – one sorely missed the Bachchans’ and Hrithik’s presence in the song though! The ‘Dastaan-e-OSO’ is lilting and haunting – reminiscent of the famous Karz climax. One also gets the Sukhwinder number – ‘Dard-e-disco’ as a bonus with SRK’s now world-famous-in-India 6-pack-abs – while it is an absolute let-down when one has the vision of Hrithik in Dhoom, one must remember that SRK is pushing his 40s now and considering that, this 6-pack act is definitely commendable!

All said and done, I guess Farah has hit on the right formula again for her second success after ‘Main hoon na’, she has just the right mix of masala, drama, beauty, thrills, tears thrown in and she does manage to pull off the now done-to-death reincarnation saga once again. We enjoyed watching the movie from a purely entertainment perspective, it is absolute paisa-vasool time-pass cinema. We especially thought the idea of getting the credits to roll, by getting the concerned people to appear on screen, was brilliant and sensitive. Rarely do all these guys who put in all the blood and sweat behind a glamorous movie get their due, and this was definitely one good way of paying them – their two-minute claim to fame!

Go watch OSO if all you wanna have is some good entertaining fun!


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