Food – leftovers for one… meal for another?

I dislike wasting/ throwing away food in any form, more so when prepared at home. I feel we are wasting the money spent for the ingredients used, time used to buy them/ make the dish, the efforts involved in preparing it and most importantly I feel we’re depriving someone else a meal by throwing it away. I don’t know how extreme this behaviour might be considered, but I strongly feel that way.

Though this feeling – that wasting food is wrong, was always there within me somewhere, it had not come to the fore as it has now, when I am staying here on my own. My mom always used to insist that I and my sister should not waste anything. Even if there were some leftovers we would re-heat and eat it, as long as it was not stale, or it would be given to the maid or somebody else in need of it. At that time, though we did follow it, we would complain sometimes. But now I realize exactly how she felt and why she said so.

In the past months, I have had to encounter people who have no such qualms. They have no second thoughts when they have to throw away food – whether home-made or from the hotel doesn’t seem to matter to them. I have a terrible time bearing such behaviour and it upsets me badly 😦
My thoughts are simple – if you don’t like eating some vegetables or dish, don’t buy them/ just prepare as much as you want. I know that it is always not possible to prepare the exact quantity and there are unforeseen circumstances which might come up due to which the food can’t be finished, in that case see if it can be eaten for the next meal, by keeping in the fridge or can be given to a needy person. Please, do make an effort and don’t just take the convenient escape route of dumping it in the bin!

I guess it has to do with the manner in which one is brought up and the values one is taught, as one grows, realizes and gains understanding of the ways of the world. I am thankful that my parents taught me this important lesson that one should be grateful for every morsel one gets to eat, there are thousands who’re deprived of even that. I just hope that others too realize this, even if nobody ever told them so… ‘coz its never too late to learn.

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4 thoughts on “Food – leftovers for one… meal for another?

  1. I don’t like wasting food.. But don’t like eating the prev day’s food either… Right now have not thought of the solution to this yet 🙂

  2. Rightly said… even I realised the same only after staying alone and cooking.. was feeling horribly bad to throw food prepared by us but never felt the same at home 😦

  3. [saumya] – do tell me when you find a solution 🙂
    [smitha] – thanks; from this compliment I assume your thoughts are along the same lines! 😀
    [Arun] – hmmm…but sadly not everyone realizes this even though they might be staying away from home 😦

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