Wedding bells ringing far far away…

Yesterday was a dear friend’s wedding and I was here, miles away, unable to attend 😦 Tongues will wag and stories will be told… she missed mine and so I missed hers…so on and so forth.

We were a girl gang of three, sticking together almost entirely during the four years at college. We were in our own world you could say, our own little jokes, our study patterns, habits and plans, our tiffs and miffs, our takes and laughs at the idiosyncrasies of the teaching staff. The passion we shared to be associated with IISc in one way or the other, which drove us to do our project there, despite all odds; the awe-struck way in which we looked up to the relatively few, but genuinely good lecturers for inspiration, our brainwaves and experiments, our plans to have fun – means were many but the outcome was the same… our slogging and the night outs for the project demos and presentation, our jittery visits to the office of our project guide, the fun we had at the college trip, our antaksharis and dumb charades with the other equally exclusive girl-gangs, our enthusiastic attendance at all the college fests, our marked absence from the college canteen for nearly three years…the list just goes on.
In fact we didn’t have a clue that the class guys had a nick-name for our group – SARS it was, we realized in the final year trip – an abbreviation of our names, inspired by the epidemic that was sweeping across most parts of Asia at the time!! For some strange reason some of them were even jealous, we realized! May be they couldn’t fathom how three people could share a bond so close, that they didn’t require anyone else’s company or help for anything! 😀

May be all that nazar is taking effect now 😦 My two cronies didn’t make it to my wedding and now when it seemed like I would be the only one away and atleast RS would be around, she has had to fly to the US for a project assignment the past weekend. So again S misses us both at this important event in her life. And what’s more, she soon flies to the US to be with her hubby and heaven knows when will be the next time I’ll get to meet her 😦 It’s a sad thought, that. Worse still, I can almost feel it in my bones that I and S won’t be around for RS’s wedding either 😦 May be its some sort of a jinx that’s working on us!

Well, jinx or not, I just want you girls to know that my best-est wishes are with you both, always and at all times, whether I’m present in person or not. So what, if miles separate us, there are always other ways and means to bridge the geographical separation, isn’t it? So, dear S, hope you had a happy happy day and may you have a wonderfully blessed married life. You know my thoughts are there, with you, even as I write this; just as I knew yours are with me when it matters 🙂


3 thoughts on “Wedding bells ringing far far away…

  1. love you as always… thanks a lot!! i just wish we make it for our RS’s wedding and have all the fun we had missed….

  2. hmm its really sad when our closest pals miss our important days. But its really difficult these days with people living in different parts of the world.

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