ella maretiruvaaga…

haLeya nenapu yaarannu taane kaaDuvudilla…?
Says Prof. K.S.Nissar Ahmed in the introduction to this song in his album nithyOtsava

ella maretiruvaaga, illa sallada nevava… hooDi baradiru matte, haLeya nenape
kallinaMdadi bittu, tiLiyaada edegOLava… raaDigOLisuve Eke, madhura nenape ?

are the opening lines of the song… it’s charming – the way the poet addresses past memories and almost commands them from trespassing onto his present thoughts. Roughly it would translate into–

O past memories, don’t come back to me with lame excuses, when I’ve chosen to forget everything…
Why do you stir up and create ripples in the calm, collected waters of my mind;
oh sweet memories?’

What’s interesting, if you read/listen to these lines carefully, is that while the poet calls them just ‘haLeya nenapu’/ ‘memories of yore’ in the first line, he also names them ‘madhura nenapu’/ ‘sweet memories’ in his second 🙂
The reason I found this intriguing is because the poet not only wants to keep his sad/ not-so-good memories from intruding, but he also wants to keep the pleasant and sweet memories away. Now, why would he want to do that?

It is true… on some occasions you do want to stop the torrent of memories that come gushing … you wish you could stem the flow when those pleasant, bright memories of happier times start sneaking upon you slowly; they leave you feeling sad, lost, yearning for times when you had so many reasons to be happy… this probably only makes matters worse when you might already be feeling low or out of luck. Happy rememberings might not always translate into happy thoughts… But how the poet puts these seemingly-difficult-to-describe emotions into words is amazing, to say the least… no wonder, not every one can be a poet! 🙂

You can listen to more of the song online at Udbhava or even download it at Kannada Audio.com (you would need a real player to play it, though)

Beautiful, beautiful words… I just can’t stop humming them! 🙂


3 thoughts on “ella maretiruvaaga…

  1. Unfortunately I don’t! 😦
    And neither do I have a real player downloaded… so I just gotta listen to it online…

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