Dreams and perceptions

Dreams are a substitute for the perception of sight, sound, speech, odour and touch – the seventh sense – encompassing the five senses, if I may say so (seventh because the sixth sense is associated with something like ESP – a different kind of a sensation altogether)

I’ve been dreaming, about people whom I’ve lived with all my life – my parents, friends, loved ones. I’ve always had dreams, mostly weird ones – weird because there are people and places in them who are totally disconnected to one another, except for having me in common. What’s significant is, this time around, though the people in my dreams are doing strange stuff, as usual, they’re not put together haphazardly. The right people are together in the right place. The simple and sensible explanation is – that I’ve been thinking a lot about them, being far away and missing being with them.

That, of course, is the logical explanation, but is there something else? A couple of days back I had a strange rather unnerving experience. It was a close friend’s birthday and this piece of info had totally slipped from my mind. I had a reminder set on my mobile, but having not got a connection here yet, my mobile just lies around as a bulky paper weight these days, at home. I didn’t see the reminder. Sometime by mid afternoon, I was in the office pantry, drinking coffee, just talking to colleagues and looking at things around the place. That’s when I saw a calendar which I’d never observed before in that place and haven’t observed again ever since. I didn’t notice the date either, but suddenly, out of the very blue, there was a zap and I remember thinking, “Oh God, it’s her birthday today! And I nearly forgot!”

But the truth is I didn’t – forget. Was it a coincidence – me happening to look at the calendar that day? But why that very day of all the days? Why not the previous day or the next day? (As an aside, thank God it was the way it was, I would’ve gotten beaten up, otherwise! :D) Was it an extra sensory perception? My sixth sense at work? I don’t know what… I’ve had such experiences before as well, I guess all of us have them – we give it different names – telepathy, intuition, sixth sense, second sight, clairvoyance, deep love(??!) etc 😀 Whatever you choose to name it, you cannot ignore it. Probably it’s just our way of accentuating the special bond we share with special people… the magic lies in the fact that it is so very inexplicable! 🙂


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