Better late than never?!!

When I read this article, I was filled with a deep sense of sadness, but in some corner of my mind a small voice said, ‘at last!’

I’m one of those people who strongly believe that metro rail or some equivalent transportation system, which is fast, independent of the city’s traffic and covering wide areas in the city, is the only answer to Bangalore’s traffic and congestion woes. I have felt this sorely – when I was in Mumbai – it is impossible to live in that city without using the local trains and now, Singapore – where again the population is heavily dependent on the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) system, though the buses are just as good. Every time I would think, if only Bangalore had a intra-city rail transport system, things would be so much better!

I’ve always wondered, why wasn’t the growth of Bangalore planned better? Why didn’t the government think of this solution, say, 20 years ago? We would have had a system running and in place and probably the traffic situation wouldn’t have been so bad. And may be we wouldn’t have had to witness the painful sacrifice of such lush green promenades… hmm wishful thinking!

Now, when I read articles like the above which outline the sacrifices we have to make to handle the situation on hand, I can’t help but flinch. It is so sad – the boulevard at MG Road to give way to the Metro! As related by some of the people in the article, I too have my small set of memories associated with this avenue.

I remember two occasions on which I had walked the cobblestones of this walk-way – once when we – a set of 6 friends had decided to get a group photo taken at the famous GK Vale – to capture the essence of our friendship and preserve it till posterity, we said! 😀 We’d clicked quite a few snaps with our personal cameras at this boulevard, with those magnificent trees as a background. Another occasion was, when I and my now-hubby, then fiancée met and spoke, seated on the cement benches at the boulevard, after I’d finished one of my exams.
But generally I never walked there on the occasions I visited MG Road, there were some assorted strange types who used to frequent that stretch of late – the street urchins, beggers, mad folk etc and they would scare me 😦 I would admire those trees from far…

The point is, most of us having lived in Bangalore since years, would have something to associate with that stretch of scenic beauty and now it will be lost. Unlike the lucky few who got to have their last view; sitting far away I am losing out on that too 😦 The article does quote the BMRCL saying that the promenade will be restored at a lower elevation, but I guess people will believe that only when it happens!

I suppose one has to make do with the consolation as Mr. Ramalingaiah says in the article, such drastic measures are necessary if Metro Rail is to provide relief to the burgeoning number of vehicles; which brings me back to my original question – why so late?!!

ps: I hadn’t planned this, but I guess it was destined – my 100th post had to be about my dear city! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Better late than never?!!

  1. Congrats on your 100th post!

    Just imagine the traffic in the surroundings when MG road becomes one way! And it seems Phase I of metro is completing in speeeedy 6 years!

  2. 100th post ge congrats ri!

    namma ooru Bengalooru hoythu ri..en madodhu? novu agathe.
    hinge aadhre, naanu elladhru innu artificiality and meaningless lifestyle (in the name of development) bardiro kaDe shift aagaNa antha Hubli, Shimoga etc. 😀

  3. [arun] – thanks 🙂
    hmm… I just hope it gets completed as soon as possible and doesn’t go the Airport road flyover way!!
    [raghu] – thanks ri!
    eshTu dina ODi hOgteera?
    aa tarahada jaaga sadaa kaala irOdilla biDi… ‘modernisation’ annO bhoota ella moolEgu bandE barutte… 😀

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