Collage of sorts

A collage has always fascinated me. It’s amazing how one’s got to use pictures and graphics from various sources – newspapers, magazines etc to arrive at a display that conveys a single message. I remember being thrilled looking at the entries in a collage competition, at the multitude of ways in which people would represent their thoughts and associations for a single topic. But somehow I never really participated in these competitions, I vaguely remember being part of one of them…probably in school…
What put the idea of a collage in my mind was my thoughts as I reflected upon my routine and activities of the past couple of days. And I thought, won’t it be interesting to make a collage of these using words/ phrases 😀
Here it is or rather my attempt at it… spanning for about a week from last Thursday till date…
Thursday: Excitement – at the long weekend ahead – plans to do this and that and this-that – movie night show? – suggestions flying thick and fast – zero in on ‘Namesake’ – ideas to book online – not feasible – busy with weekend completion of tasks – decision to go to the theatre directly – wind up at 8 and off to Plaza Singapura mall – reach the multiplex floor after dealing with a maze of escalators – a vow to take the lift the next time around – tickets taken – show at 9.40 – time to grab some grub – pick Subway after looking at the meager veggie options one’s got – 5 mouths hungrily bite into foot long / 6 inch veggie delights – time’s up – rush to the hall – wonder at it being exactly like Inox – omg! – seats on the second row from the screen! – spend 20 excruciating minutes craning necks to look at trailers of upcoming movies – not a must but don’t wanna miss anything! – movie begins atlast – and ends – not bad – good performances by Irfan and Tabu – Tabu looks a tad old though – probably its those seats which bring the wrinkles closer home! – take a taxi to the apartment and crash into bed
Friday: yippee! it’s a holiday! – wake up late – lazy bath and breakfast – time to wash week’s quota of clothes – gotta open my suitcase – look for the purse which holds the keys – don’t find it – look again – and again – frantic now – search carefully through the handbag several times – not found – numb – blank – strain to think back – rush to the lift to check if I’d dropped it while retrieving the house keys – nope – can’t hope to find it 12 hours later anyway! – recount events – realize Subway was where I’d used it last – try calling Subway – number not listed – call up another branch – no help – new outlet, no number is the answer – call up a friend and get the number from the net – thank God for the internet! – talk with the staff on duty – denial that they found any purse – detailed descriptions and beseeching doesn’t help – frustration – leave the apartment number to ring if found, as a last resort- dunno what to do – still can’t open suitcase – decide to go to the scene of action and check – ask roomie to try and break the lock – rush to Subway frantically – rewind and repeat same story, this time in person – explain situation and the high probability of having dropped it there – denial by the lady on shift about anything being found – absence of any note from evening shift members quoted as reason – beseech again – get her to open the safe/ drawer – peer to see a cover with some black stuff in her hand – my purse? – can’t be too happy too soon – look again – yes, it’s my purse! – relieved – and thankful – collect it and walk back in a trance – check multiple times to ensure I’m not dreaming! – get home and tell roomie not to break the lock! – lunch – still in a state of disbelief – evening plans to visit zoo and night safari – don’t work out since colleague is caught up with work in office – damn – visit Orchard street instead – roam around a bit and get back home to bid adieu to an eventful day!
Saturday: time to shift to our new rented apartment! – yay! – pack up and hand over of service apartment keys – reach apartment by 11 – ex-tenant still in a half-packed and almost ready to leave state – cleaning lady expected only by late noon – laze around watching TV and keeping an eye out to check if packing is proceeding – maid arrives at last! – minus the cleaning paraphernalia – rush to nearby store to get cleaning stuff – damn – blazing sun outside – get back panting with the stuff after a stopover for a late late lunch – she’s at it now in full swing – roomies out to get some work done – maid is stuck in the kitchen for hours – watch a Miss Marple mystery movie – terribly bored – maid taking ages! – the 10 SGD per hour looms large as the minutes tick by – done finally – after 7 gruelling hours! – whew! – roomies back – venture out for dinner – back to a now livable home 🙂
Sunday: last day of long weekend – time to set up a home – up and out early with a long list of stuff to buy – crawl through Mustafa from counter to counter ticking them off the list – grapple with huge packets – doesn’t help even if we are three! – at the end realize impossibility of walking back – hail a taxi – realize non-existence of calling card to ring up home – rush across the street for 2 mins – turn back to find the taxi and roomies gone! – livid – trudge back home – demand an explanation – get a lame excuse of being confused! – give them an earful 😀 – time for a quick nap post lunch – evening session of shopping begins – buy utensils and cooker to get started with our culinary experiments! – back home too tired for anything – crash into bed with unhappy thoughts of work for the morrow!
Monday: Early awakening – sleepily unwrap the cooker – wide awake – find the handle broken! confused – roomies sleeping – decide on chapatis and side-dish to double up for breakfast and lunch – get late for work – grapple with work amidst Monday morning blues – lunch time – unveil the dabbas with a flourish – preen as colleagues exclaim with grudging envious looks 😀 – more work post lunch – get back home after a tiring day – rush to store to exchange cooker – rejoice at the activation of the cable TV and phone connections – dinner, cleaning up and time for bed
Tuesday: second day of the week – hangover of blues – menu is puliogre – triumphantly cook rice and prepare breakfast and lunch – early to work as well! – busy day at office – late afternoon – deeply immersed in the work at hand – get up to talk to a team mate – bang in the middle of the conversation realization strikes about my missing wedding ring! – frenzied – look around the desk and place of seating – not to be found – rush to the rest room to check – not found again – close to tears – a lost, sinking feeling – trudge back to seat – spot team mates in a huddle from afar – quicken my steps – PM has it alright – a good soul found it and handed it over – send a silent thank you prayer to God! – recount my foolhardiness to hubby – he laughs – says probably its time to buy you a new ring! – I’m worried – first the purse and then the ring – absent minded? – since when? self-questioning session – vow to be careful – and never to take the ring off the finger! – another frightfully eventful day draws to a close
Wednesday: – that’s today – upma for breakfast – and yummy leafy vegetable sambar for lunch 🙂 – hard day’s work – tea with talks of cricket with colleagues – rueful examination of sad state of Indian cricket! 😦 – brilliant idea of writing this! – looks like it’s gonna be a loong experimental post and my 99th at that – time for my centenary post soon!- what on Earth do I write about?!! – that’s a thought for another day – nearly evening now – time to pack one’s bag – not much cooking to be done today! – yippee – may be I can get on with my book – hopefully… and a good night’s rest 🙂

5 thoughts on “Collage of sorts

  1. lessons I learnt from your mistake 🙂
    – Colleagues are not friends 😉
    – Never detatch yourself from your purse/wallet and ornaments, especially when you are out of the house!

    take care 🙂

  2. I agree with you on the second point but the first need not always necessarily be true! 🙂
    Anyway thank you, I definitely need to take care! 😀

  3. life is nothing but learning every day, so it was high time that u had to learn how a person can change within a short span. So people around you who seem to be good and close can be strangers…BEWARE!
    So keep urself ready for all kinds of situation. I believe that hence forth you will not make such huge risky mistakes.

    Take care 🙂

  4. [raghu] – ayyo illa ri!
    avru ishTOndu absent minded aadre, dEshada gati Enu? 😀

    [Pradeep] – hmm… looks like I learnt it the hard way! I sure hope I don’t end up making more such mistakes! 😀

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