Why is it always I, me, myself?

After a nearly whirlwind trip to India and back (amongst other titles, I’m being called ‘adventurous’, daring to do these stunts barely 2 weeks into my assignment here!), I feel free. The main reason of-course is that the dagger of exams no longer dangles over my head, so I can breathe easy. Now I feel charged up to explore and discover the challenges that Singapore throws my way 🙂

My friend had warned me to be prepared, ‘coz this experience he said would be eye-opening in several ways. It is when you live alone, away from the loving shelter of family and friends, that you actually get to see the best and worst in people. And I do see that it’s quite true.

Amongst other things, a couple of thoughts that have made me wonder…

* how selfish we humans can get when we want the best for ourselves. Given a situation, though we might stop for a moment to consider how our action might affect someone else’s comfort, we almost always end up doing stuff according to our own convenience and comfort.
Lemme illustrate my point with a simple example, say we are given a basket of apples, we always rummage through it several times to ensure that we are getting the best apples on offer. Suppose there are only two apples and there is a friend behind, waiting to collect his/ her share, we never hesitate to pick the bigger/ better apple, without sparing a thought for the friend. Is there a natural law which bids us to do this? What is it that makes us behave this way?

* We enjoy having scape-goats around us and using them as punching bags. Anything slightly wrong with a negihbour’s house/ life or a colleague’s work, we can’t wait to jump in and comment on it. No matter whatever dire straits our life/ work might be in, we are more interested in how bad the other person’s state is! Again, I wonder, what makes us do this?

These thoughts were of course based on some experiences I had… any explanations that can hope to justify these actions are welcome! 🙂


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