Oddities of S’pore

Continuing with my Singapore saga, lemme write about a couple of interesting stuff I’ve noticed here. When I say interesting I only mean it in the sense that it is quite apart from what seems normal to us back in India.

* It is very evident that Singaporeans prefer being seen with their funky cell phones. At-least every 2 out of 3 people I see in the MRTs everyday are busy keying away on their Nokia or Sony Ericsson phones, only the latest models, mind you, not even a single basic-model cell phone have I seen till date. And nearly everyone has music plugged into their ears – it’s almost like it’s a pity if you don’t have an i-pod while you’re on an MRT. This somehow doesn’t give me an impression that they’re music-lovers, instead it seems more like it’s a norm here and they kinda like flaunting their gizmos.

* The rains here are known to be un-seasonal; we were advised to carry an umbrella always, since it can start raining anytime. So it’s not surprising to see people carrying their umbrellas at all times – the only interesting bit here is, almost all of them carry the long, grandfather-kind of umbrella, in various hues; some of them even have cute long plastic holders to keep them tucked in. It seems strange, because back in India we always associate the long umbrellas as something belonging to a by-gone era, the ones which only old people prefer to carry since it also doubles up as a walking stick and one which has given way to far more sleek, smart and small foldable umbrellas. Guess these thoughts don’t apply here!

* Having spoken about the rains, I gotta comment on the climate. I don’t like the climate here 😦 I guess having lived in Bangalore all my life doesn’t help! It is oh so hot and humid always. When I say always, I mean a-l-w-a-y-s! As I just mentioned, it rains erratically, but it doesn’t matter at all. There’s absolutely no cooling effect. It’s hot, humid and sweaty and it continues to remain so post the rains too. I wonder how the people here are so fair? (It’s hereditary I heard! :O) They said that Singapore climate is very similar to Chennai, boy! Am I glad I didn’t have to visit/ live in Chennai!!

* PDA (Public Display of Affection) seems to be pretty prevalent too. I guess that is to be expected, S’pore being a “forward-thinking and developed” country. And the escalators seem to be people’s favourite hangout for PDA. Guess it fills them with a sense of elevation! 😀

Well, considering that my object of affection is miles away… all I can do is dream and count my days here! 🙂


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