Hello from Singapore

The past weekend, I completed a week’s stay in Singapore. The whys and wherefores are matter for another post, which I suspect will never get written… lets just say I was given an opportunity to work in a project which required me to shift base to S’pore for about half a year and I accepted. The work has been challenging would be a mild way of saying it… but it has been interesting so far, for sure.

Singaporeans are supposed to be friendly people, and I haven’t been witness to anything that would contradict this statement. Strictly straightened hair, sharp pointed heels and skirts in all shades, shapes and sizes seem to be the style of this nation’s female population. It’s a scientific wonder – the way these ladies balance their petite frames on these thin stilettos!

The women here are seen to be very beauty conscious – so it’s not surprising when on your way back from work you find them as looking as fresh as the morning dew. I can’t claim that I find them beautiful… they are pretty in their own way I suppose, but I haven’t seen a face of arresting beauty yet. To be frank and at the risk of sounding foolish, I’d say they all look the same to me!! More or less!! I guess it’s the novelty…as I see more of them, I’ll begin to identify and notice the differences… it’s the same with all of us, I suppose.

Considering that I’ve taken 3 days to write these three paragraphs, you can imagine the state of things out here… but guess there’s no use complaining… the one week that I’ve been here, I’ve already had some experiences which are lessons for a lifetime. Have had to meet people with stinking attitudes and tackle situations that test one’s resilience skills. Well, I suppose this was one of the reasons why I accepted this assignment… to unravel and experience the vagaries of the world, first hand. Now that I’ve taken the plunge, the only way to go, is forward, there’s no looking back! I suppose, the best way is to take it one step at a time and hope things turn out well 🙂

Hope to update my blog more often, with hopefully better and more interesting stuff than this sob story! 😀


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