a post, post-lunch

I’m back from lunch. It’s one of those days when my regular lunch partner has taken leave. Eating lunch alone can be a boring/ fun activity depending on how one wants to look at it. I, for one, don’t find it boring. Not that I enjoy eating alone, just that I don’t mind.
Main aur meri tanhayi…aksar yeh baatein kiya karte hain…‘ 😀

I prefer walking to the food court, which is the common eating area for the 4 odd companies housed here in the campus, as opposed to eating at our exclusive-for-MT-employees teeming cafeteria. Apart from being spacious and well-aired, there is definitely more scope for observation.

The tables occupied by the various types of crowds, with the clatter of plates and the chatter of voices is a perfect setting for half an hour of entertained and interesting musing. The snatches of conversation , in different tongues – random but still comprehensible; the odours of cuisines floating down from the counters, which with luck, will be something you like; the stranded pieces of your favourite song playing on WorldSpace that you strain to hear over the din or the occasional non-Himesh Reshammiya videos seeking your attention on the TV sets… and of course the people – as varied as it can get, with their interesting looks/ airs/ actions/ dressing… it is an amalgamation of scenes which forms an intriguing collage to keep you occupied.

And if these obvious sources still fail to distract you, as it sometimes happens on a particularly hot and irritable day, there are always your thoughts that you can fall back upon – loyally dogged they are. As a bonus, you enjoy the luxury of having these all to yourself; who can guess the millions of muses that flit across your mind in seconds or the wacky and cunning one-liners you come up with, in an imaginary conversation you’re part of? Who knows what ideas are being bandied about, behind those ostensibly innocent eyes and expressions which seem to savour only the food in front? Aren’t you secretly glad that you’re not heard? 😀

I completely agree that lunch is the perfect setting for a stimulating argument/ debate, but eating alone is no-sweat too – especially if the alternative is being a mute spectator in a group where the conversation is as interesting as yesterday’s newspaper! 😀

2 thoughts on “a post, post-lunch

  1. lol anu.. ur about the only one who’d have a label called lunch, muse and about the only one who could give a living on the edge wanderlust a complex by merely sitting at a dining table.. and a penny for your thoughts ;)..

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