Past’s peek into the future

This is another one of those gems from my school compositions… I don’t remember the exact topic, but I guess it was something to do with how we imagined life would be after 20 odd years. I recollect that we had a lesson about futuristic life on Earth, something like ‘Vision-2020’ and I suppose we had to write our own version of it.

Here goes…

It was already 12 PM and Surabhi was still not ready. Their personal spacecraft would arrive in just a few minutes to take them to the moon. Surabhi and her brother Saurabh were going on a trip to the moon for their annual vacation. Surabhi hurriedly was stuffing all her glossy plastic clothes into a large strong polythene bag when she heard her brother calling out, saying that the spacecraft had arrived. At last they were off on their super-fast journey to the moon. They had to reach there as early as possible as darkness would set in by 5 PM.

As she sat and looked out of the window of the spacecraft, she started thinking about the great expedition that she and all her friends had planned. Just after their moon trip, they would be going on a pleasure-cum-research trip to Pluto. Pluto was the ninth planet of the Solar System and they had learnt that there were 20 other planets beyond Pluto!

These days there were no schools at all. Everything had been computerized and one could do everything using a computer. There was no need to go out of their homes either. The classes were held and lessons taught through the internet. They could even communicate with their relatives on different planets through the satellite links. She had shuddered when she’d heard her mother speak of schools and home-works, tests and examinations. Thankfully, everything was so easy now.

She sighed out loud as she sat munching a hamburger filled with the paste of wild dates grown in the deserts of Mercury, which her dad had bought especially for her. There was going to be a delay in reaching the moon due to a spacecraft jam in the space-ways. Now they would have to go directly to bed on reaching the moon, as it would be really late.

Eventually they reached their destination. As she got down from the craft, she saw her cousin Sharayu running towards her. They hugged each other in sheer joy. It had been one full year since they’d seen each other. After refreshments, Sharayu pulled Surabhi into her exclusive virtual reality room. Though everything in that room looked real, it was all an illusion. Then both of them started flipping through a book titled ‘The Green Earth’. They were fascinated and awestruck as they read and looked at the pictures in the book. They were soon lost in their own imaginations of the green Earth…

This is where the narration stops…I guess I ran out of time and had to submit the composition 😀
This was exactly about 10 years ago, thankfully things haven’t turned out to be as bad as I’d imagined… but the stuff about computers, satellite links and virtual reality and the internet are true today, to some extent at least.
Well, I sure hope we never see the day when we have to eat ‘dates from the deserts of Mercury’ for lunch! 😀


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