’06 to ’07

2006 has raced by and 2007 is here. At this point what does one write about… the year that was or the year that will be. Is it time for a flashback mode or a fast-forward mode?

2006 has been a defining year in a way… you see, it was the year when I got “settled” in life 😀 I’m sure this is a term and a context purely native to us, Indians. All said and done, no matter what heights you scale in the multiple facets of your life, you’re “settled” only when you get married. This is so typical of our society, both for girls and guys.
In that sense, not just me, so many of my friends, class-mates and contemporaries moved on to this next stage of life…the one called ‘gruhasta‘ 🙂

Career-wise too a lot of changes happened, several people got their first ‘on-site’ opportunity (which is another big issue if you’re an Indian software professional 😉 ), some climbed up the proverbial ladder, others took bold decisions and decided to ditch their career for higher studies… it was literally a spectrum that emerged with myriad hues for each one of us.

Beginning of ’06, how many of us could have envisioned this journey that our lives have traversed the past year? All of us had hope in our hearts and dreams in our eyes, castles that we built which hopefully weathered the testing times and imagination that probably turned out to be real. But how many of us were sure of these happenings? – probably a very small percentage of us and only on a couple of occasions. But mostly, a new year, or rather, every single day is like a new page turned, waiting to be read. I think that way we humans lead such an interesting and fascinating life – always in anticipation of the unknown, unsure of what awaits us past the bend in the road.

Over the past year we have met so many new people and our lives are now embroiled with theirs, people who were complete and absolute strangers till we met them. We have been to exciting new locations, places which we probably only dreamt of visiting sometime in the future. This only proves that our bonding is growing – new friends, new loved ones, new relationships, new commitments, new challenges, new celebrations… – every day, every year.
On that note, here’s wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year! May this year bring loads of success, joy and fulfillment our way… may it turn out to be an auspicious new beginning!

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