the festive spirit…

Yes, it’s the festive season alright. Being in the IT industry means your festive season gets defined by your clients! With Christmas and New Year round the corner, cubicles round the office are empty with people taking the 2 weeks off for a much needed break and vacation. With no clients to answer to, they can afford to do this.

It’s pretty much the same in our office too… and to coincide with the festive season, we’ve been having some fun activities as well. One of these was the ‘jazz-up your cubicles’ activity – a competitive fun activity for the various project groups representing a particular geography. The project teams had to choose a theme and accordingly decorate and deck-up their cubicles. Ours being the air-travel domain, we decided to jazz-up our bays as an airport area and an airplane. And it turned out to be a highly spirited and well-appreciated fun performance.

Alongside this was played the game of secret-angel. All of us were acquainted with this game, having played it at some point in time – in school/ college. Now the scene was our work-place… and this too got underway very professionally – with a program written to randomly choose secret angels and their mortals! 😀 (what else can you expect from a bunch of IT folks?!)
Most of us got down to the task of knowing our mortals better, creating fake email IDs and sending mysterious emails 🙂 A frustrated few, whose angels were probably too lazy to do any investigation, mailed the project group beseeching their angels to wake up and be heard! This went on for a week after which we were supposed to stealthily drop our gifts into a box kept at a common area… and surprise of surprises! what did I see! by noon of the appointed day, there was quite a good collection of gifts in the box… frankly speaking I didn’t expect people to be enthusiastic about getting gifts et al… I was skeptical and said so… but I was proved wrong, nearly everyone, except for a few who were on leave and others who were the party-poopers-kind, had gotten gifts – some really big ones too.

Finally, it was time for a small celebration yesterday; after the judges came around and were floored by our aero-space-like decorated cubicles. Gifts were distributed; thank you’s and good wishes exchanged. All in all, a good time was had by all and there was bonhomie all around.

As for me, I had a double bonanza, courtesy my angel – a book and a CD with some wonderful collections of Asterix and CnH comics! 🙂
On that happy note, here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season… did you say new years? well that’s for another post 😀


2 thoughts on “the festive spirit…

  1. you got CnH comics from your angel? woowwwww.. I got ‘wings of fire’ from my secret santa.. last yr i had got ‘you are joking mr. feynman’.. amazing book.. do read it, if u havent already

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