An evening in VV Puram

Heard of this place called VVPuram in Bangalore? The foodies would know for sure… as I recently discovered, amongst other things, VV Puram is famous for its street which houses a string of food joints… where you get everything ranging from South Indian to Chinese to North Indian to chaats to juices and ice creams and other foodie-delights… it’s a haven for the gourmets and a one-stop-shop to try out varieties of cuisines, and importantly, these shops remain open long after the regular hotels and darshinis down their shutters.

Well, this post is not about VVPuram… it’s about one of those several people who have set up their shops on this street. We’d gone to this place one of those nights when we were late getting back home… bored with the usual idli-dOse-chaats routine, we decided to try out something new… we walked up to this small shop and asked him what he had to offer… he rattled off… hesaru bELe masala mixture, kaDale beeja masala mixture, avare bELe mixture, maavina kaayi masale mixture, bOTi masala , sangam masala mixture etc etc… umm…the names sounded yummy… we asked him to make a sangam masale and waited, licking our lips in anticipation… Even as we watched, we were amazed. Neatly and meticulously he compiled the ingredients and prepared the mixture deftly. I let my eyes wander over his shop and its contents – it was a very small shop – if observed closely, a triangular corner, to be exact. And within that space he’d got a small fan, a radio with speakers playing FM, a corner for the Gods, a small refrigerating unit (where he religiously re-stocked the bottles as people ordered cool drink sodas), and shelves all neatly lined with mineral water bottles and soft drinks. After downing a lip-smacking chaat of sangam-masala-mixture and refreshing fanta-soda, we couldn’t help complimenting him on how clean his shop was, how efficient he was at his work and how happy we were to have been there.

As we walked back, I could imagine the highly rewarding, potential business opportunities he had in store if he could open such a shop near a college/ workplace, and wondered why he hadn’t considered this idea. There was a lesson to be learnt that day – some of us are never happy, no matter what riches we amass – material or otherwise… while there were others, like that small shop-owner, who found joy in his work – within those 3 walls that stood at the corner of a busy street in VV Puram…


3 thoughts on “An evening in VV Puram

  1. May be he is waiting for a VC like you 😉 I have seen so many places like CTR, Vidyarti bhavan etc.. I really dont understand what is holding them back to expand.. Yes, of course, they can make huge money, but I think they are afraid that people might feel out of place if the same dosa is served in an ambience like roti ghar? BTW, is this unique chat place next/near to the famous homeopathi doc Dr. Rudresh?

  2. hmm yes, that might be a reason. But here I’m not talking of expanding this shop, I was only thinking of the profits he’d make if he had the same shop near a college…
    I don’t know if it is near any clinic, but it’s name is something like Arya Vaidya Chaat Centre…

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