Past’s presents

I met up with my best friend yesterday… it has been quite a few months since we met. Our marriage and work have kept us busy and of course, the sheer distance that separates us physically. Coordinating times amidst the daily chaos in a city like Bangalore is nightmarish. But in-spite of these odds we’ve managed to stay connected since the past 7 months after getting married and staying away; earlier it was but a street that separated our places of stay. The meet-up had been on our agenda for quite some time now. We met at our adda-of-sorts, the place that’s homely-er than home itself, the place where in nestle memories of years of our association, right from our post-school days – what else, but good old Malleshwaram

The meet-up in itself was hardly satisfying, in the sense that it left me thirsting for more… it left me wondering – what have we come to? All we can manage is a 2 hour hurried meet-up in 7 months – the time that we had to ferret out for our friendship amidst the daily humdrum. Is this all that I will get now? that I can afford now?
I want those old days back – when we would drop into each other’s houses at varying hours (sometimes as late as way past dinner time when her dad would escort me back home with a torch, in-spite of my protests that I would be safe walking the 2 streets!) – sometimes to get some work done but mostly to just talk and spend time, I remember the days when we’d buy a new audio cassette (DTPH for one, I remember distinctly!) and listen to it multiple times discussing the tunes and lyrics and singers’ voice quality etc, or there would be the days when we’d sit for hours discussing the books we read – we’d go to the local library together, borrow/ exchange so many books; gleefully rip them apart with our criticism, laugh our guts out reliving those moments described by PGW, marvel at the finesse of Agatha Christie’s writings, endlessly talk about Austen’s Emma and Lizzie… gosh do I miss those times!

And I remember those lazy afternoons when the sultry sunshine would be streaming into their living room while we’d sit upstairs at the bed-side and talk away to glory – our problems, joys, future plans, of dreams and aspirations – and then her granny, (the dearest granny I’ve seen till date 🙂 ), would give us a ring on their internal calling-bell to say that a steaming hot cup of tea was ready…ummm… that tea is one of the things I miss most about my visits to her home… Or there would be the evenings spent on the terrace watching the sun go down and the moon rise in twilight…exchanging our secrets and deepest fears and fantastic fancies…till sometimes the chill set in and we’d be admonished to get inside courtesy: a blinking-terrace-light-signal 😉 And of course there were our ramblings to the neighbourhood market and temple and our faithful trips to Mwm on one pretext or another!

The meet-up has caused me to go down memory lane and dig deep into my memories… as I already said it’s left me yearning for a return to those times… sigh! guess all good times must come to an end… or may be this is just a new beginning… but there will always be days like this when the past memories will come sneaking upon me and engulf me in its surreal folds…


5 thoughts on “Past’s presents

  1. Very well written. Good to hear about your old times 🙂 One thing I have observered is.. after marriage, its really hard to stay connected. but some people dont even try! and dont even realise what they lost!

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