Happy Children’s Day! :)

Today is November 14th.
So what? you might ask. It’s just like any other day…
That’s precisely what I thought too…till I got a mail from a friend with these pics…

Voila! I was suddenly flooded with memories… memories of the days spent in the quest of pure joy…those days when nothing mattered; no worries were big enough to forego the fun indulged in, no person influential enough to get us to change our decisions – no matter how inconsequential they might eventually be…

In the early years, every day – was fun and games and squabbles and fiery fights followed by conciliatory exchanges with treasures of match box covers and labels. Mid afternoons post school were spent playing hopscotch and chasing butterflies with pig-tailed contemporaries without a care for the heat or humidity or the admonishing parents. Yes, the homework post games were dreaded but no terror was big enough to cause serious concerns.

The time spent at school was fun too… the primary classes… forever in anticipation of a well-earned praise from one’s favourite teacher and the ecstatic feeling thereafter, the bickering with the bullying class boys and the caning or the ‘standing up on bench’ punishments when you would wish to do a Sita and get swallowed by Mother Earth aka Ramayana! (of course there were always those who basked in this glory as well!), … the birthdays celebrated with distribution of chocolates and renditions of the ‘Happy Birthday‘ song amidst the joy of being dressed in brand new, non-uniform coloured clothes… and there were times spent copying the intricate rangoli and tracing designs from your best friend, the play periods spent playing ‘fire in the mountain‘ and ‘topi beka topi‘… and so many more…

Slowly as the years rolled by, you grew big… so big that you started forgetting the small simple pleasures of life… there were now other pressing matters to be attended to… who had the time to wait and spend time doing carefree activities? Every action now needed to have an outcome and a profitable one at that. Yes, I think the biggest misfortune of growing up is the loss of innocence that invariably accompanies it. The bigger in years and intelligence that we grow, the more manipulative and calculative we become, and along the way is lost the purity of joys.

Anyway, even if it was for a short while, these pics brought a smile to my face, transformed and carried me through the journey of a kid – flawless and pure in action and thought… hope it evokes a similar feeling in you too…

Here’s wishing a happy children’s day to the kid – hopefully lurking in each one of us… 🙂


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