this and that…

It’s never easy to get back to work from a week’s holiday. And no, it doesn’t help matters when you have colleagues grinning and asking you, “So Anu, you’re back! How was your vacation?” vacation? vacation?? Then you patiently explain – no, it was not a vacation, was never meant to be one… you had taken off to prepare for your exams – read as: swot for a week and try to cram in as much as is humanly possible to try and make up for the semester-long lack of any study-effort. Phew! One’s got to come back armed with oodles of patience and forbearance!

And then there is the overflowing mailbox that one’s got to plod through to figure out what’s to be kept and what’s to be deleted unceremoniously and damn! what’s to be done with stuff about which you don’t know what to do! And you have to pick up the threads from where you left them hanging mid-way… it’s almost like you have to take your mind back in time, where you muse…”now, why did I put in this piece of code here??” All this while you feel your manager’s eyes on your back!

…well that was the post I started to write a week back when I came back, post-exams from the so called vacation… and… I still haven’t been able to complete it and put it up! So, now that I am anyway working on a Sunday I thought lemme atleast do one good thing while I try to write code which stubbornly refuses to work…

Phew! Why does life treat us so? or is it we who treat life so? Why are we always running? running to reach places, to get things done, to please people, to make money…and what not! <here, please consider inserted the opening lines of Vidya Balan from Lage Raho Munnabhai… minus the screechy, hard on the ears ‘Goooood Mooooorning Mumbai’ of course… well, that’s about what I’m trying to say…>

Last week I was busy cramming for exams amidst other things, telling myself that it’s just this weekend, next week I’ll be free…and now, come this weekend, here I am, trying to catch up and finish all that work which never got done, courtesy: my leave! And then soon it will another such weekend with something else lined up…whew! Looks like it’s a vicious circle… will we ever find a way out, to enjoy life for what it’s really worth?
I fervently hope so…

Even as I write this… my quintessential favourite ‘yaava mOhana..’ plays on in my playlist… mystifying coincidence eh? 🙂


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