Official home-sickness!

Beautiful landscaped grounds, serene green environment, spacious work areas with individual breathing space, huge glass windows with spectacular views of the garden, a food court with 5 varieties of cuisines apart from the chaats and juice counters… and so on… Some of you might say, what’s new? This might be how it has been for you guys ever since your first day of work.

But for me, this is new… and not comforting 😦
This is so unlike the company that I have known. Everything is so ‘larger than life’ here… expansive premises, serpentine queues at the various counters, a sea of faces in which you hardly see a few who are known, spacious workstations translating into lesser interactions with co-workers, friends and team-mates in a hurry to get into their cabs….the reasons are many… difficult to zero in on one, but I am bored, for sure. And what’s worse?! I don’t know why!!

I know I like all of this – the green lung spaces, the calm work environment, the proximity to my house, the luxury of getting back home early – everything, but still there’s something that’s lacking… probably it’s that feeling in the air that gets under your skin, gives you a sense-of-direction to focus and accomplish some task… or may be the aimless frequent joyful banter with team-members, everyone seated just a few steps away…or probably the joie-de-vivre in the work-environment that enthuses one into action… instead I feel absolutely lazy out here…

I miss the familiar surroundings, that abstract sense of security which comes from knowing that all things are where they are supposed to be… the re-assuring smile of the well-known pantry guys, house-keeping folks and the security, the knowledge that one could just take a break and get away from work to the joints and hang-outs near-by, the luxury to plan for outings on quiet evenings after work, the idea that my mom’s place is just an hour-long bus-journey away…and so many more … I miss it all.

I know this will last for a few days only, but now, at this moment, I’m home-sick for my dear old Banashankari office! 😦


5 thoughts on “Official home-sickness!

  1. 5 types of cuisines and chaat and juices? am game! yellidey ee office-u? i would start with one cuisine starting at 10 and eat all of them by 7 :))

  2. Sounds like Nemo going into the sea after being in aquarium for quite some time 🙂

    After reading this, i’m scared of our office shift to new campus to Mahadevpura!! sometime in jan.. 😦

  3. [tin]: you bet! 😦
    Enjoy?? well, I’m tryin’ to!!
    [w_u]: my writing skills are ever imrpoving?!! whoa! coming from you, that’s a compliment indeed! or is it?? hmm…lemme be optimistic…thank you 🙂
    [arun]: yeah, that sounds like my state too 😦
    good luck to you!!

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