My last working day…

Well, today is my last day in office…wait!, before you jump to conclusions, it is my last day in this office…nah…it’s not my last working day or anything… it is the last day I will be working in this office building 😀
We’re shifting to our new campus in Global Village; Mysore Road… that’s all is what the matter is 🙂

And I’m feeling sad 😦
I know, my colleagues will laugh at me if I say this; ever since the news of this relocation was announced, they’ve been ragging me, saying you’re probably the only person in the entire account who is gonna be happy with this change. And they have a good reason to say so – this campus is located a good 10 kms away from our current office in Banashankari… but is just 2-3 kms from my current residence 😀 That explains the envious green looks!

That apart, the major grouse that everybody has is the inaccessibility of this facility from the city: read as difficulties arising owing to its distance from the city’s hot spots. No more extended lunch breaks with team mates at the mallu mess and quick meet-ups with college pals in the afternoons; no more early slip-away-s from work to run some ‘personal errands’ and no more walking into office at lazy late hours… the reasons for despair are many.

But one major advantage that we’re gonna enjoy by moving there, as I’ve heard from people (who earlier complained the way we’re doing now, but are now reconciled to the change) is that we become a lot more disciplined in the way we work and a lot more productive, mainly owing to the timings constrained by the cab-back-home that one doesn’t wanna miss! 🙂 which automatically translates into better work-life-balance (or so, I hope!)

When I stayed at the other end of the city and there were rumours that we would relocate, I was happy in a way – that I didn’t have to any longer worry about buses and about haranguing with nasty bus conductors. All I had to ensure was to be on time for the cab in the mornings and evenings, following which I could enjoy a nice siesta on the way back or spend time fruitfully to catch up on my reading or music… Sadly none of this is possible now, but what troubles me more is the dilemma this nearness to office has put me in – being 2 kms away via a short cut, taking the office cab and paying a hefty amount for that would be foolish, but that means I would have to commute in my private vehicle. So far so good, but the catch is, I’m not one of these proficient drivers/ riders of private/ public transport! And there are no convenient bus services as well… so there, it’s back to dependence on hubby dear till I learn to ride/ drive!

Moral of the story – being in the vicinity of one’s office doesn’t solve all problems.

One thing I’ve realized is there are always difficulties in everything that happens, for everyone, in one way or the other. It all depends on how one looks at it. That’s what I’m telling my colleagues… don’t worry, you’ll soon get used the new environs and before long, it will be routine again 🙂


4 thoughts on “My last working day…

  1. hey, my work is just 2 miles away by car and i have not bothered to buy meself a carru, and i just walk to work for 30 mins :). all along the nice houses with keeds and dogs playing and with nice leel gardens. rooth anyway does not allow me to drive her green beetle.

    am happy walking!

  2. I can understand the despair of your colleagues.. 😀
    For close to a year, I have been in a similar situation to yours. 3-4 kms from my place..and I come back for lunch, laze around and go again to office! It does put one in a comfort zone( zone!) and any change will be repulsed with amazing intensity by the mind! (Anyway..there are talks that we may shift too, I am already having goosebumps..hehe)
    Hope your new office is convenient and cool! 🙂

  3. [arun]: yes, yes…philosophy!! phew!
    [w_u]: good for you! :p
    [raghu]: u guys are shifting? good luck! 😀
    btw, whats up? why no posts for so long?

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