Reel and real life

Got to watch ‘Lage raho Munna bhai‘ last week and I was discussing with a friend about how ‘Circuit‘ is the central character in the movie, probably more important to the success of the plot than Munna himself. These I remember were my thoughts after watching the first movie too… in that, of course, Bomman Irani played an equally important part. That’s when we got around to discussing how lovable a character Bomman Irani was…no matter what he did, one couldn’t help but like him.

That was then; later when I was reminded of this conversation, I wondered – why is it that we don’t feel this way in real life? No matter how much we love a person, why do we get angry with them, and sometimes for so silly a reason that one has to make an effort to remember it afterwards? Why can’t we look upon people the way we look at these characters whom we love to love?

Even as I write this I guess I know the answer… the difference lies in the fact that we are personally connected to the people we love…and arising out of this is our truck-load of expectations from them. And it is when they fail to meet these expectations (most of it unstated) that we feel let down and get upset.
Where-as with characters in the cinema or a play or on TV, though we develop an emotional bonding, mainly owing to the gamut of emotions that they take us through, we always know, at the end, that it is not for real, it is only make-believe. That’s what makes it easier to love them unabashedly, hate them unconditionally, laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry… and experience a whole lot of feelings that they inevitably invoke in us.

All this for the 3 hours while we sit in the theater but once the last scene is played and we walk out, we leave these characters and their life behind, they will probably be remembered as scenes or dialogues over a cup of evening tea or when friends get together and argue about the best movie to watch on a weekend, but we don’t take them with us along life’s journey. But in real life and with real people, you gotta meet them, talk to them, live with them, day in and day out… and so have to learn to love and live, learn to let go and learn to move on 🙂


3 thoughts on “Reel and real life

  1. Whatever they show on reel is like 1 or 2 years of life (sometimes even more) in 3 hours! Its really hard to compare and relate the charaters to real life!

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