Imaginary conversations

Again, it’s been a while since I wrote a post… it’s becoming more and more difficult to update my blog regularly. Anyway, I had a few thoughts swirling in my head that I wanted to write about, but now that I have the time and the opportunity to do so, I’m confused 😦

What I’m reminded of now, are my school days, when a few of us – the ‘supposedly high-achievers’ (?!!) were given special tests in the evening, after class hours, in one subject each day. These tests used to be fun actually, the questions were out of the ordinary and it was a challenge answering them. In one such test, I remember, our English ma’am had just given us the beginning of a sentence – ‘It was a dark stormy night….’ and asked us to develop the plot and write a paragraph/ story – an exercise to improve our vocabulary and writing skills. (I still might have that test sheet somewhere at home… should try rummaging amongst my old books and find it 😀 … it might be fruitful content for another of my posts!)

What inspired me to reminisce this now is the idea of making an activity interesting by choosing an interesting topic… hence I decide to write about the most-interesting of all the thoughts swirling in my mind.

And the topic is imaginary conversations. Have you guys caught yourselves having these conversations with people at times which reside only in your imagination? I seem to do it pretty often and my guess is that most of us do indulge in it. Basically I start of by thinking about someone I will have to meet or something that I am planning to tell someone, mostly it is the latter… and then I develop the conversation based on what I expect that other person to say… and so it goes on. These conversations sometimes end in arguments (where I feel I am justified, of course :D) and sometimes in very amicable agreements. But mostly it leaves me confused as before, about what might happen…and worse still most of my such imaginary conversations never do occur in real life 😦

But mostly this is an interesting exercise, because it keeps my mind occupied and helps me plan for the various possibilities, but on the other hand it might be quite disadvantageous too as it may further fuel some prejudices that I might have about the people I am conversing with. Whatever it is, I find that it is something that comes naturally to my mind and I am unable to block these.

Have any of you had such an experience? Do share your thoughts with me…


6 thoughts on “Imaginary conversations

  1. [arun]: lol!!
    But it isn’t dreams that I was talking of… this is more like day dreaming, where you are imagining something the way you think it might happen 🙂
    [raghu]: 🙂
    Now, why is that? Is it because u find this to be hassle-free or are you plain lazy? I hope you manage to get the message across though! 😀

  2. it was a dark and stormy night…i was walking avoiding my legs in puddles of water and mud and the light red green leaves falling off the leaves and flying like an ox caught in a tornado over indiana..and then I saw HER…she was as wet as a wet poodle…her curly blonde hair like twisted snake …. i offered her the protection of the umbrella and we both walked along, in rain and dark evening…that was 3 years back…it all started with that…

    that is how I met Ruth!

  3. Hey!
    I do it a lot too..i do this more when i have come near to having an argument with somebody..i keep thinking of all the stuff i should have told the person..hehe.

  4. [w_u]: 🙂 interesting!
    [smitha]: that’s a coincidence!
    yeah, I too mostly do it when I anticipate an argument with someone, as if in preparation! 😀

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