Of long weekends and long drives

At-last it was a long weekend and importantly, spent away from office work, the first in many weeks. Saturday and Sunday just flew by… after trying in vain to get tickets for KANK and listening to the standard message “Sorry sir, all shows are booked for the week” we decided to drive down to Shivanasamudra on Monday, with hubby dear deciding to try out his long-distance driving skills πŸ˜€

After an hour-long stop-over at the crowded Kamat Lokaruchi-Janapada Loka for breakfast, we reached the falls by mid-day. More popularly known as ‘Shimsha’ and ‘Bluff’, this twin waterfall is a sight to behold, especially now, after the heavy rains in these regions. The river Cauvery, as it slowly meanders down its path, splits into two and cascades down the rocky cliffs as ‘Gaganachukki‘ and ‘Bharachukki‘ ( the former gets its name for cascading down from a slightly higher altitude than the latter – as implied by their names gagana : sky and bhara : earth). The two view points are located a few kms apart, with the hydel power station located at the site of Gaganachukki and a Dargah at the Bharachukki view point.

Needless to say, the view was spectacular. The seemingly calm waters which make their way through the plains and valleys suddenly plunge down in gushing torrents… the force being such that the mist and spray rising out of the falling cascade doesn’t allow one to discern where the fall culminates and the river continues on its normal course.

After admiring nature’s creative splendour and gorging ourselves with churmuri and eLaneeru we drove back. En-route, the tantalizing board that said ‘Talakad – 20 kms’ beckoned us and the car was inevitably turned in that direction. Boy! was that a mistake?! It was one of the bumpiest rides of my life! The road (if it can be called that) was in a pathetic state thanks to the rains and the absolute lack of any work on it, ever since its inception, I think! It took a good 1-and-a-quarter-hour to cover the 22 kms stretch before we had a glimpse of Talakad.
Talakad famous for its five temples of the Pancha-Lingas and the tales of how it got to be covered by sand as it stands today, is a fascinating holiday destination. The stories are intriguing, more so as they eerily stand proven over the years. Though I had visited Talakad a few times in the past, my memories of it were very sketchy. We visited three of the five Shiva temples. As we could see, our guide pointed out that the ancient sculptures and stones have been numbered and kept aside, while renovation work is going on, in an attempt to restore the lost architectural glory of the Cholas’ times. But the disheartening news was that this has been going on for the past 2 years and nobody’s sure for how much longer it will continue! 😦
Additionally restoration of the temple premises and its excavation from the buried sands is in progress, in preparation for the Pancha-linga-darshana-jaatre scheduled for November, with the CM and PM as expected guests of honour. Whoever comes or doesn’t come, I hope some restoration work happens at-least in this pretext!

Thus, after a day long visual feast of natural splendour and a refresher course in history, tired but happy, we drove back to Bangalore, but not before we gobbled down a snack of the irresistible Maddur-vade! πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Of long weekends and long drives

  1. thanks πŸ™‚
    No, we didn’t try sand race…we were quite tired by the evening.
    And no, we didn’t go on a teppa ride either… the Cauvery was quite full, in fact there was water even up to the parking area… I don’t think a teppa ride was advisable
    How was your long weekend?

  2. Hmmm ok, ya looking at the falls pics I thought Cauvery was pretty rough and full.. my weekend was ok.. couldnt plan to go out for 3/4 days becoz of some poojas.. grr.. but had gone for a long drive to temple and sister’s place at Turuvekere.. These temple visits have become so regular after marriage and i hate it.. its like 75% of my total temple visits during my 30 yrs happened after marriage πŸ˜‰

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