Sleepy scribbling

I’m sooo sleepy that I’m literally dozing in front of my comp… hence the post.
I thought lemme try putting down words in a doc file and check if I type non-sensical stuff… looks like I don’t.

What inspired this little experiment was a memory from college. On hot sultry afternoons after a sumptuous lunch when we would sit to listen to the drone of our Physics lecturer’s voice… we would automatically, thoughtlessly, be lulled into delightfully seductive, comforting sleep. At such times, our only hope of staying awake would be to valiantly try and jot down notes – which would mean trying to scribble down every single word that she would say, mechanically, without pausing to think, which we hoped, in effect would keep sleep away, courtesy: our hands, eyes and ears being busy.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way… the slumber-power is such that it just engulfs you in its folds. The result? – weblings and wingdings in your notes… it’s really funny, looking at the notes you’ve written in a semi-dazed-bleary-eyed-sleepy-state, at a later time when you are in a not-so-dazed-bleary-eyed-sleepy-state. You incredulously wonder, did I actually write all this stuff?? Why! It looks like someone dipped some ants in ink and let them loose on this page!! How on earth did I manage that!

Well, that’s what I wanted to try with my comp and this blog post… but apparently the powers that were held by my Physics lecturer’s words are in no way matched by the combined effects of early morning awakenings and heavy lunches! 😀


5 thoughts on “Sleepy scribbling

  1. Hey anu..

    This reminds me that sometimes we used to count the number of times “what” word uttered from her mouth in 2hr special class..
    he he he.. it was good fun…

  2. hey anu, nice blog !
    most ppl who saw my notes would comment ‘were u sleeping when u wrote this’, but thats just the way i write or maybe i am always sleeping 😛
    i know u r saying the second one is the more appropriate reasoning 😀

  3. [manasa]: u bet! it definitely was a lotta fun 😀
    [w_u]: I don’t remember!
    [farhat]: hey thanks Farhat! how’re you doing? Great to see u here…

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