Weekend woes

Am in office on a Sunday 😦 gotta work since there’s a release next week.
I got my lunch box as usual. Team mates made fun saying “Anu can’t eat outside even on one day!“. “I’m doing it in the interest of the project – if I eat outside and fall sick, then I’ll have to take leave, which means more work for you guys!!“, I retorted 😀

Went upstairs to the cafeteria to have lunch, all of my team-mates went their way, a few to their homes, a few to the darshinis nearby. I didn’t have anyone for company; went with my Agatha Christie. The café was absolutely deserted, with all the chairs piled up on the tables; had a peaceful lunch engrossed in the book, with the whistling winds and the empty café as lunch partners.

There’s wall-painting work going on in our floor… guess they do it in batches on the weekends… didn’t know that. Though initially I liked the smell of paint (which I generally like), now it’s rather over-powering and causing a headache. Speaking of smells – there’re some weird odours that I like – the smell of petrol, phenyl, fresh paint, turpentine, fresh mehendi, the way my hair smells after washing it with methi-paste, the smell of camphor, and of course others like that of wet mud after the first drops of rain – which are a universal favourite I suppose!

Have been listening to some of my favourite Kannada bhaava-geetes on Udbhava.com, which I guess is blocked on the regular work-days here in office and I unfortunately don’t have their mp3s on my comp 😦

…elliyu nilladiru…maneyanendu kaTTadiru…
koneyanendu muTTadiru…O anantavaagiru…

This has been the only silver lining in the otherwise dark clouds that have engulfed my weekend!


3 thoughts on “Weekend woes

  1. I love the smell of fresh paint! Same goes with the things you have listed out except phenyl..hehe..
    And, as you said, the smell of wet mud is heaven.

    udbhava.com is amazing! have you listened to hasya in that? It is really cool!

  2. I kinda like the phenyl smell…as long as it is mild 😀
    No I haven’t listened to hasya on Udbhava, it is not accessible on working days 😦
    I always go to BhaavaSangama directly, it has all my fav songs 🙂

  3. Yes, even i like the smell of fresh mud, fresh paint and the whiteboard marker.. atleast that way i’m busy in the meetings 😉

    Mankutimmana kagga is cool in udbhava.

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