Leela oh Leela!

I had the fortune (??) of visiting the Leela Palace on Thursday. A bunch of us from office were selected to meet some prospective clients. After several changes in plan due to their flight delays we were told that we’d meet them at the hotel. To be frank, it turned out to be absolutely disappointing.

Having several meetings lined up and a packed schedule with their return flight in the evening; they were really running short of time and could meet us for only a short time. That apart I didn’t even get to explore the hotel 😦
Being accompanied by people some of whom apparently visited the Leela every month, getting them to join me on a guided tour of the Leela was a proposition which I didn’t even consider! And though there were the customary ‘please help yourselves to whatever you want‘ talks floating around, nobody actually got down to helping themselves or others with anything. And of course there were those who had meetings/ interviews/ presentations lined up in office and couldn’t wait to get back asap.

So, all in all, my maiden visit to the Leela was one of those occasions that fail to live up to their expectations! 😦

6 thoughts on “Leela oh Leela!

  1. Oh.. Dont you worry, Just walk into Leela on any weekend evening straight into Barista and sip ur favorite coffee And come out with a feeling of having had a cofe at Leela !!

    P.S: which is what i do occasionally 😉

  2. I have a huge bias against these up-market hotels really. I feel so uncomfortable that I feel like coming out and running into some Darshini (or better still, the sacred Janatha hotel to wash off my sins!! haha!). I will be waiting to get out of the place whenever I visit these places..hehe..

  3. [arun]: ha ha! that’s a good idea!
    Is there a barista in there? didn’t notice it…
    [w_u]: yes, you are right as always, swamiji! 😀
    [raghu]: lol!! so true! no big hotel can match up to the warmth and hospitality one feels in places like janatha! 🙂

  4. come on, am angry with you. you have become a iron walled, comment censoring machine. and you just keep the comments that you want to display in here.

    down down!

    i thought you write well, you respect the freedom of the blogs and the ideas and a leeel weird comments too.

  5. Yes, I will keep only the comments I want to display.
    Thanks for thinking that I write well; yes, I do repect the freedom of the blogs and ideas, but I will not have weird comments on my blog, however li’l you think they might be!
    You can have all the strange and weird posts/ comments on your blog if you wish 🙂

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